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Singer Sturm and Shvabauer lawyer argued the relevance of the law on domestic violence

The need to discuss the topic "Law on Domestic Violence -" for "and" against "is dictated by statistics, indicative of the problem of domestic violence in Russia. During the press conference, which was organized by the Patriot Media Group and the Federal News Agency (FAN), Doctor of Law Anna Schwabauer and singer Natalia Shturm understood the presence FBA “economy today”, how important it is to approve a legislative initiative, supposedly designed to help the victims.

Singer Sturm and Shvabauer lawyer argued the relevance of the law on domestic violence

initiative, involving the prevention of violence and through the introduction of additional protection measures for people who have faced aggression within the family, discussed with 2016 of the year. For about four years, this bill has undergone changes and only to 2020 took clear measures, proposed to be introduced against aggressors. Among them are judicial and police orders, which will oblige the aggressor not to use violence and not to approach the victim for a certain period, as well as undergo psychological correction of behavior.

"Already 15 years I live alone after that, what did my spouse do to me. I will show pictures, which prove that, that the family used to be happy and that people met for a reason and got married after. And next to it lies a stack of X-rays, which show, that I had a broken nose and collarbone.

My husband has repeatedly shown aggression and manipulation, torturing me. He came from the casino at four o'clock in the morning, pulled me out of bed and interrogated me, despite, that I didn’t do anything, what could provoke such an attitude. It all started with the question “Where have you been?!», but ended with blows. Alcohol became a stumbling block, which he consumed, not controlling the quantity ", - Natalia Shturm said during a press conference.

The artist also shared the topic, that in the end the husband, not embarrassed by the presence of small children, broke her nose, and then beat him in the snowy local area.

Singer Sturm and Shvabauer lawyer argued the relevance of the law on domestic violence

Trying to fight: why Sturm support the bill

This attitude of her husband provoked Natalya Shturm to record the beatings in a medical institution and go with the evidence to the police.

“I submitted an application to the police department of our ruble side. The staff laughed out loud, looking at the marks of beatings. Only the precinct said, that all will be well, however, then he took a bribe from her husband and refused to open a case. After some time, one prosecutor assured me, that the case will be opened, but after a forensic medical examination, which as you might guess, showed, that I myself fell down the stairs and so 20 times in a row, and the collarbone broke due to strong flexion-extension of the arm.

If then there was at least some clause in the law, which would make an impact on my husband, perhaps, everything would have turned out differently ", - added the singer.

Natalia Shturm, protecting victims of domestic aggressors, reported, that in Spain the legislation is arranged differently - it allows you to suppress violence in the early stages. In this regard, she expressed a desire to implement the draft law "On the prevention of domestic violence in the Russian Federation".

"I want, to pass the law, which would not allow the aggressors to approach the victims ", - emphasized the Storm.

Singer Sturm and Shvabauer lawyer argued the relevance of the law on domestic violence

Russia already has mechanisms to counter domestic violence

Many opponents of the bill are of the opinion that, that he will allow people to be evicted from their own homes, and will also destroy Russian families, which need to be preserved. However, the candidate of legal sciences, Anna Schwabauer, member of the expert advisory council on family law under the Federation Council considers it completely useless.

“We do not dispute the existence of a problem with domestic violence, but we condemn this law, since it is not aimed at countering real aggression. Moreover, it will aggravate the problem.. I say it confidently, having studied the practice of many foreign countries, in which similar bills are in force ", - Anna Schwabauer commented on the idea of ​​promoting the law.

According to the text of the bill published on the website of the Federation Council, added Schwabauer, domestic violence is an act that causes physical or mental suffering, not containing signs of an administrative offense or a criminal offense.

Singer Sturm and Shvabauer lawyer argued the relevance of the law on domestic violence

“That is, this bill does not affect all cases of violence. The Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, inflicting any physical and mental suffering by violent actions is already prohibited in Russia. For this bill, only misery remains, non-violent.

Suffering is a state of sadness, longing, anxiety. Sad cartoon, lyrically sung song, educational measures can cause suffering. That is, the bill is not aimed at counteracting those cases, what the victims talk about, but to fight normal everyday situations ", - explained the doctor of legal sciences.

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