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Chuprygin noted the effectiveness of the Russian policy in the Middle East and North Africa

Chuprygin noted the effectiveness of the Russian policy in the Middle East and North Africa

Russia and Sudan to actively cooperate in the resolution of the Libyan crisis. In an interview with RIA Novosti, said Russian Ambassador to Sudan Vladimir Zheltov, stressing the importance of Russia's diplomatic influence on both parties to the conflict in Libya, which helped the peace process. He also stressed, Sudanese authorities are interested in a speedy end to the bloodshed in the neighboring country for stability in the region, in that their interests coincide with the position of Moscow. In an interview Federal News Agency araʙist-vostokoved Andrew Chuprygin He noted, Russia has proved that many countries, that is capable of truly effective and to act decisively in the settlement of such conflicts, as evidenced by the experience of Syria.

«As is known, Russia is taking to this end, the most generous efforts, including using its political weight and influence on the Libyan side. As for our Sudanese partners, their possibilities are objectively modest, although they, taking into account the total of Libya extended troubled border, are interested in establishing peace and stability in the neighboring country. Respectively, in that we have common interests with the Sudanese ", - explained the Russian ambassador.

Another Yellow Add, that in the diplomatic field on a regular basis to maintain a dialogue between the Russian Federation and the Sudan regarding the search engines foreign settlement in Libya crisis. So, he recalled, that in the Russian capital last December held another, eighth, Russian-Sudanese meeting the high level of the working committee, which was attended by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the two countries, and on February 5-6 2020 meeting was held between the heads of relevant departments in Khartoum.

According Chuprygina, Russia their expertise in the Syrian Arab Republic proved the countries of the Middle East and Africa, that is able to successfully resolve questions of settlement. He added, that many North African countries really want a peaceful political solution to the Libyan crisis, so actively in this work together with Moscow.

Chuprygin noted the effectiveness of the Russian policy in the Middle East and North Africa

«clear, that after the summit, Rohssija - Afrika in Sochi, which took place not so long ago, Russia's cooperation with African countries to some extent intensified. This is a logical result of such an event and it is expected. the, that was made this statement Russian Ambassador to Sudan, it is also quite understandable, because Sudan is bordered by Libya.

Sudanese cooperation with Russia [the Libyan settlement] due to the fact, that the majority of African states, as well as in the representation of Arab States, Russia's experience in Syria is perceived as an element of strong policies and the ability to seek different methods of questions, facing the countries of the regiona", - explained the source FAN.

Besides, orientalist stressed, it is no surprise, Sudan is looking for ways of cooperation in resolving the Libyan issue peacefully is to Russia, since the position of our country in this direction is the most appropriate and productive.

Chuprygin noted the effectiveness of the Russian policy in the Middle East and North Africa

"Clearly, that the court has the desire to interact with such a resolute and strong partner and ally, as Russia. This is quite an objective process. In the end the bloodshed in Libya and Algeria are interested, Tunisia and Egypt, because the ongoing civil war in Libya brings trouble not only the Libyans, but also the surrounding countries. Another question, that have an interest in the peaceful resolution of the Libyan crisis and have the opportunity to do something in this directionSRI do - two big differences ", - I concluded the expert.

Chuprygin noted the effectiveness of the Russian policy in the Middle East and North Africa

Recall, it was Russia that initiated the peace process in Libya, thanks to a joint call Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart to 12 January of this year, the opposing sides of the Libyan conflict entered ceasefire, which once again proved the high effectiveness of Russian diplomacy. This was followed by talks in Moscow 13 January, to discuss ways out of the crisis and initiatives to further the peace agreement between the commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA) Xalifoj Xaftarom and the leader of the so-called government of national consensus (PNS) Fayez Sarradzhem. The Berlin summit 19 January became a logical continuation of Russian successes in the peaceful settlement in Libya.

Author: Maxim Donetsk

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