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Israel improved air defense system / missile defense system "Iron Dome"

Israel has improved the air defense / missile defense system «Iron dome»
Israel Defense Ministry announced the successful completion of a series of tests of an advanced air defense / missile defense system “Iron dome”. test, intercepting an unmanned target, were carried out by Rafael Advanced Defense System at a training ground in southern Israel.

According to a statement from the country's Ministry of Defense, tests have demonstrated the capabilities of an improved version of the system “Iron dome” intercept targets in various scenarios, imitating promising threats. Details of the improvement were not disclosed, however, according to some military experts, the system could be upgraded to enhance the ability to withstand low-flying air threats, including cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as ammunition, flying on a ballistic trajectory, including those in service with Iran. The improved system will be put into service with the Israeli Air Force.

“Iron dome” is the most important component of Israel's air defense system in the present and future. The improvements relate to new scenarios for the development of military operations in the near future and the ability “iron dome” cope with new challenges
– according to the press service of the Israeli military department.

According to Israeli media publications, during testing of the improved version “iron dome”, the system hit all set targets.

We have completed a series of tests with a probability of success 100%. The system intercepted all threats, which were modeled in the area, selected for testing. Successful test series, which we completed, took place exactly in 10 years after the first interception of the system. Over the past decade, we have conducted dozens of interceptions as part of the test system and more 2000 operational interceptions
– the media quotes the vice president of the defense contractor Rafael Pini Yungman.

Israeli air defense / missile defense system “Iron dome” ordered by the United States Ground Forces under the program “Possibility of fire protection from closed positions” (IFPC – Indirect Fire Protection Capability Increment), the purpose of which is to provide protection against cruise missiles and UAVs.

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