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Northern Design Bureau has completed preliminary design “Super Gorshkov”

Северное ПКБ закончило эскизное проектирование "Супер-Горшкова"
Head frigate project 22350 “Admiral Gorshkov”
Northern Design Bureau completed the preliminary design of the frigate project 22350M – modified version of the frigate project 22350 type “Admiral Gorshkov”. Reported Mil.Press FlotProm with reference to informed industry sources.

As the newspaper writes, Northern PKB designers completed schematic design “Super Gorshkov”, work completed on time. Next stage – acceptance of the work by the relevant Commission, This phase will be implemented before the end of the year. To complete the design of a new frigate will need from 12 to 18 months, construction of the lead ship series takes 4-5 years. According to the source, given the timing of development of design documentation, construction will not begin before 2021 of the year. Bookmark ships scheduled for “Northern shipyard”.

About the beginning of the preliminary work of the project 22350M about ships in the Northern Design Bureau reported last September, officially schematic design “Super Gorshkov” started 25 December 2018 of the year. On the possibility of the construction of the frigates of the modified version 2014 year said Admiral Viktor Chirkov, then held the post of Commander in Chief of the Russian Navy. According to him, the Russian Navy expects to acquire at least 15 frigates basic and modified versions.

To date, the project known 22350M, that the displacement of the ship will be within 8 thousand tons, frigate will carry 48 cruise missiles “Caliber”. The arsenal will also include hypersonic “zircons”. It plans to install a power plant of Russian production.

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