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Poland intends to modernize its T-72 tanks

Poland intends to modernize its T-72 tanks

Polish Ministry of National Defense is going to upgrade T-72 tanks, which consist in the country's armed, TASS reports.

According to Tass common statement Defense Ministry of Poland, Republic authorities have already ratified the relevant service contract, repair and modernization of the Soviet T-72 tanks. Final approval and signing of agreements will 22 of July at the Polish plant "Bumar-Labenda".

Polish Ministry of National Defense announced, that the amount of the contract in 545 million US dollars includes the possibility of carrying out repair work by the military and the defense industry. Repair work is scheduled to begin this year. Serving in the Polish army composed about 500 T-72.

Previously, our site reported, US President Donald Trump said, that the government will invest six billion dollars in the modernization of tanks M1 "Abrams". celebrated, that renovation work will be completed within three years.

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