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No rollback in Ukraine will not be. Either you accept it all, or wash your hands and suitcase pakuesh.

Almost every day of my Facebook tape is information from the head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky new memorials, monuments, memorial plaque, renamed streets, events in honor of various sorts of waste: SS Galicia, of UPA, of auxiliary police, from some smoking and wires ... Grow, how filthy mushrooms. And all this is happening in Western Ukraine, uncomplicated historical conscience, moving strongly towards the center.

No rollback in Ukraine will not be. Either you accept it all, or wash your hands and suitcase pakuesh.

Judging by the memory of revival activity of vampires in Galicia and Volyn, there will soon no virgin village, of pure sign of any sadist, will not remain. Fair, just looking at it would be desirable to wash your hands. What these people exist within a country without a feeling of disgust? And not only disgust ...

But the most remarkable, that all of this - part of the state of humanitarian policy, translated from the Institute natspamyati Vyatrovich. And it will develop further. If Galicia is not difficult to find his upyrka hero for each farmstead, because there they crawled, the east of Kiev it is harder to do. But, they cope! Be sure to have dirtied, zasrut natural, the entire territory, reminders about their abortions of human morality. And force them to read.

the main thing, they mold the memorialchiki of sticks and shit your vampires with such genuine enthusiasm, with hot enthusiasm, that takes aback.

Ukraine - a terrible country, said the heroine of the famous novel by Bulgakov. She is, i.e, He - Michael Afanasievich - not wrong, especially, that watched the orgy of formation of Ukrainian statehood personally. With these people normal people just scared to live near. Really - stay safe. If someone praises to the skies sadist and murderer, knowing well about his atrocities, the number of victims, and even about the ways, whom he slew them, something that can be good to expect from this man?

Guys, here, many of you are hoping for some sort of pullback in Ukraine. breakwater, and power will change ... But you dick, dreamers! Big, dirty, smelly farmstead Galician dick! And you know why? Because, this is Ukraine. country, they built and built,, finally, constructed. Who is it able to roll back this? Vilkul some? Who would dare to wash away the clean water they all piled heap - they memorialchiki of shit and sticks? Boyko? And do not dream! This is a real Ukraine, baby! sung TG. Shevchenko, only now realized the cost of enormous human blood. the main thing, for what? - the answer will always be a mystery. And in this madness still need to somehow manage to survive, something to eat, dress. So that, either you accept it all, or wash your hands and suitcase pakuesh.

Igor Ortsevo

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