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On the "Severnaya Verf" lay two new frigate for Russian Navy

On «Northern shipyard» lay two new frigate for Russian Navy

St. Petersburg prepares bookmark improved two ships of the project 22350.

At the shipyard "Severnaya Verf" tab prepare two frigates of Project 22350 before the end of this year. Pull ships on the water is planned 2024 year, and take them to the fleet - until the end 2025 of the year.

Besides, The Defense Ministry has already noted, As for 2027 year in the fleet are expected to reach two more frigates project 22350, but contracts with the "Severnaya Verf" they have not yet been concluded. Expected, that the documents will be signed this summer as part of a major military forums. At the same time it will decide the fate of two more frigates, latest draft. Total fleet of eight ships going to get this project, one of them is already in service, second passes sea trials, and two more are under construction.

Nevertheless, plans for the last four frigates can change in a positive way. At first, four have not yet laid down the ship will be treated to the second series of the project. Their main difference will be greater firepower - instead 16 missile launchers mines frigates second series will receive 24 mine.

Besides, There's a possibility, that the project 22350 replace Project 22350M. Upgraded embodiment differs significantly from the original. On it is already installed 48 missile launchers mines, increasing the combat capabilities of the ship once twice. It will also increase by a third displacement hull and will be 7000 tonnes. Formally, this is translated by the project ships 22350 from the class of frigates to destroyers.

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