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Gone, To stay: experts on Nazarbayev's resignation

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev after almost 30 s management of the country resigned. Many Russian and Western media speculated, Nazarbayev fully depart from the authorities. but, experts say, the ex-president is the head of the Security Council, he has his own party in parliament, and public administration system has been reconfigured in such a way, to the former president retains considerable powers. "Recent Comments" have collected the most interesting reactions of political scientists and economists Nazarbayev resign.

Gone, To stay: experts on Nazarbayev's resignation

According to the director of the Center for Current Politics Alexei Chesnakova, "Nazarbayev should not rush to write off from the account. One epoch is over, another begins. Nursultan Nazarbayev is in the center of the country's political system. As for the long-term trends and the impact of configuration groups, they are determined in the next few months, and even years. Everything has just begun ".

With Chesnakova agrees political analyst Maria Snegovaya: "Nazarbayev until it goes nowhere. This castling is much more like our 2008 year. To a new position Nazarbayev (Security Council head) in a great number of powers were transferred last year ", - said the expert.

The same line adheres to the analyst Sergei Markov: "Care Nazarbayev as president of Kazakhstan, apparently, It will not lead to serious changes in policy of Kazakhstan. There are several reasons for this. 1. Nazarbayev leaves office, but remains, 1, national leader, - President. This is according to the Constitution. 2, Head of the Security Council, determines the main directions of policy, 3, the head of the ruling party Nur Otan, which controls the parliament fully, 4, member of the Constitutional Council ", - said the expert.

but, as noted by the analyst Ekaterina Shulman, even the fact, Nazarbayev remains in power, It opens a window of opportunity for Kazakhstan: "Dear friends and listeners, as if there is no further business went, before you open the window of opportunity. Now you know about, which means the principle of "time on the side of the living". Long live all life, Peredera not interconnected on pleasures, and on the basic principles of the organization of the future we are with you last time talked. video looked, I even liked. Clan organization in one day from a place not move, clear who the successor, but new elections - a new election ".

Economist Constantine Newspapers notes the significant economic growth, which occurred at Nazarbayev, and underlines the correctness of its decision: "Regardless of the economic success, authoritarian leaders - and Nazarbayev was a typical authoritarian leader - almost never leaving office voluntarily. They starved the population of hunger, just to stay in power (how Ceausescu or Maduro), they arrange a civil war (like Pol Pot or Milosevic) or, least, waiting until the crowd is not suitable to the palace, and they do not shut off the lights in the office. At best, die in office after several years of stagnation. Nazarbayev, surprisingly, left winner. Just because he went ".

Notably, Some experts extrapolated Kazakhstan events in Russia, drawing parallels between Nazarbayev and Putin. for example, political consultant Konstantin Kalachev, who is considered an expert approximate to the Speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, I wrote the following comment: "I do not Putin, I'm different, - Nazarbayev said in private. He sacked the government. Then he resigned himself. The inscribed themselves in history. And even without the Crimea ". Then, apparently, to soften the comparison, Kalachev edited post on "I do not Yeltsin, I do not Putin, I'm different, - said Nazarbayev…».

The same theme has developed and politician Abbas Hallyamov: "Voluntary resignation Nazarbayev certainly create certain expectations in Putin's attitude. How to act in this situation, the Kremlin? harbor, to pretend, Russia that this news is not true of all its not light? Or begin to talk about the many problems of the Kazakh economy, alluding, grandfather fled, fearing future difficulties? I think, go the usual way, explaining to us what, that states, loss of sovereignty in favor of the West, leaders of change at the behest of the ocean ", - said the expert.

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