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Helicopters Mi-28nm get ur “article 305”

As already reported, "Military Review", Russia continues work on improving the domestic helicopter after attending military vehicles in the Syrian anti-terrorism campaign. Certain changes are Mi-28nm. In particular, we are talking about new arms.

Вертолёты Ми-28НМ получат УР "изделие 305"

TASS quoted an informed source says that, that "Night Hunter" to receive eight new missiles (SKILLS). This is the so-called "product 305". This rocket is still on one of the stages of creation.

SD "Product 305" can be used as the daytime, and at night, which is important for the helicopter with the name "Night Hunter".

celebrated, that a missile capable of hitting different types of targets on the ground from a distance of more than 25 km. The first missile can be used for reinforced concrete shelters and armored vehicles of the enemy.

Ensure the accuracy of the missile will hit SINS (onboard inertial navigation system), in which all of the target data is entered before the missile launch. The crew of the Mi-28nm will receive information about objectives through the use of various means, including funds from ESUV (a single command and control system).

"Product 305" is equipped with videoresources, that will get pilots Mi-28nm video about the flight and destruction of the target. The signal in this case will go on RBIs protected - information and command line.

Recall, Earlier the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the manufacturer Mi-28nm managed to negotiate the price of the acquisition of helicopters for the needs of the Armed Forces of Russia.

According to Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko, mutual understanding was reached on the price, but because we are working on a contract for the purchase in large quantities not only Mi-28nm, but Ka-52.