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The Israeli media said, the Kremlin is annoyed “secret” Assad's visit to Iran

Israeli media is clearly trying to drive a wedge between Russia and Syria, but mainly - between Russia and Iran. So, Today, the Israeli edition Nziv out with the material, which announces, if the Kremlin irritated if Assad and the Russian authorities have accused the president of Syria in the "ingratitude".

В СМИ Израиля заявили, что Кремль раздражён "тайным" визитом Асада в Иран

The author of this statement informs its readers, Assad before making a visit to Tehran (visit took place a few days ago) allegedly asked Iranians, so that they were not informed Moscow about his willingness to come to the talks in the Iranian capital. This very statement in the Israeli media is at least puzzling, for the simple reason,, that the visit of Assad in Iran were among the first reported it is the media of Israel.

The material itself in the said publication is an Israeli-sounding name: "Offended Russia is ready to take revenge on al-Assad for his secret visit to Iran ". interesting logic: That is about the visit of the Israeli media the president of Syria in Tehran knew, and the Kremlin "did not know anything, since Assad Rouhani asked not to say anything to Putin ".

In the article the author states, that "revenge from Moscow may come at once".

In fact, all these statements appear in the extreme far-fetched. First Nziv, as it appears, trying to claim the Israeli readers that, that relations between Moscow and Damascus, as well as between Moscow and Tehran reportedly cooled because of the visit, Assad's visit to Iran's president. Someone in Israel is ready to believe?