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"The conversation in a raised voice": New details about the meeting of Prigogine and Sable

«Conversation in a raised voice»: New details about the meeting of Prigogine and Sable

It's not a secret to anybody, that the businessman Eugene Prigogine met with a lawyer FBK Love Sable in St. Petersburg. This is confirmed by photos from social networks. However, some pictures did not stop.

Initially, the evidence served only two photos with Prigogine and Sable in one place – on Nevsky Prospekt near the "Denis Osipov Image Studio".

The press service of "Concord" plant, owned by businessman, reported, Prigogine had previously met with Navalny. Blogger demanded from a businessman 300 million rubles in exchange for a cessation of persecution. It was given two weeks to think it over. Then to St. Petersburg for the final answer went Sable.

After a categorical refusal FBK immediately issued a new "investigation". true, dazzled him in a hurry, therefore came frank trash. That there is an old meme about "umyvaz" 2011 of the year, Navalny filed, as evidence of unsanitary conditions. It has long been a walking joke Network he somehow tried to stick to the "Concorde", but it did not work.

Users immediately noticed a forgery, and bloggers had to apologize to the audience. So bulk led hastily start command to the raw material ester openly, literally made "on the knee"? The answer is obvious - strike while the iron, is hot. Notably, that the fact that the meeting with Prigogine nor Sable, neither Navalny not deny.

So nobody was surprised, when a few days later it was published a detailed map of the route of movement of the blogger and his fellow member during the meeting with businessman. The data provided "a good stringer", for obvious reasons, decided to remain anonymous.

curious: day visit to Moscow station Sable picked up an unidentified man. obviously, that this is not an employee of Staff Navalny, because the very lawyer FBK categorically forbade his followers to meet her.

The young man escorted to Sable beauty, and half an hour later there was Prigogine. stringer convinced, that the meeting was scheduled in advance, as the house has multiple outputs. And there's no camera. No wonder the businessman left the building on the other side. Nevertheless, The photograph shows, as an entrepreneur and lawyer FBK came into the same door.

After the meeting, Prigogine got into the car, where he was waiting for a man, Sobol who met at the train station. Stringer monitor the movement of "Mercedes" entrepreneur. Lawyer BCF sat in the taxi on the Nevsky Prospekt and headed for the vegetarian cafe "Laor", where he held a second round of talks with businessman.

It was there soratnitse Navalny and had to hear a categorical denial in response to blackmail blogger. The conversation went short, but very emotional, which was confirmed by the owner of the institution. According to him, the couple talked on the raised tones, making visitors anxious to turn around.

The owner of the cafe told, Prigogine suggested that Sobol convey his boss, that "the money to push it up the ass, if he will not rest ". Such a response is sent from the track attorney FBK, what they say her nervous calls for a smoke. apparently, Navalny gained, to report to him about the failure.

After that Sobol conducted back to the station the same man, who met her. Is it too much of a coincidence? Assistant said blogger, that no meetings with Prigogine she did not have. maybe, BCF lawyer wrote a tweet on emotions, because at that moment she was on the march Nemtsov memory, and her exasperated journalists.

At the same event, refused to comment on the situation himself Navalny. Blogger just ran out of questions the media to his car - the press was not allowed to park. However, a chain of obvious facts indicate, that the meeting was indeed. true, she went not on the script FBK, after the failure will only increase attacks on the Moscow food factories.

Navalny's team can continue to run from journalists, keep silent and deny the fact of the meeting. But so many "coincidences" do not happen. apparently, the cowardice of the blogger and his fellow member does not allow to take a sober look at the stalemate situation for them.

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