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The US Army removes from service the M113 armored personnel carrier

The US Army has started the process of decommissioning M113 armored personnel carrier and the gradual replacement of its combat vehicles, developed under the program AMPV. As the “Warspot” with reference to the portal, US Department of Defense signed a contract with BAE Systems for the production of the first batch AMPV combat vehicles.

Американская армия снимает с вооружения бронетранспортёр М113
Fighting vehicle AMPV on tests

Программа Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) It includes replacing more 2900 M113 armored personnel carriers and trucks on their base in the US Army. As part of the tender, conducted in December 2014 of the year, new tracked vehicle has been selected, created by BAE Systems on the basis of M2 Bradley IFV. On the basis of the new armored vehicles will be created 993 command and staff car, 790 medical evacuation vehicles, 386 mortar carrier, 216 Health cars and as many general-purpose machinery.

Американская армия снимает с вооружения бронетранспортёр М113
M113 armored personnel carrier

Under the first contract BAE Systems will produce assembly 297 mashin.Na combat deployment of the full power of the production of new armored vehicles to be deployed at the end of 2021 of the year. All 2900 machines planned for the current 10 years. AT 2018 It was reported, that BAE Systems gave the US Army experimental batch AMPV combat vehicles in the amount of 29 units.

M113 armored personnel costs in service with the US Army for more than 50 years. Due to the lack of protection against mines and roadside bombs in the US Army armored personnel carrier he was nicknamed “aluminum coffin”. For all time of operation produced more than 80 thousand copies. Was armed and still in use in the armies of more than 50 states.