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Prisoner in peacetime. Five years in custody

If our officer taken prisoner, intelligence and diplomatic knocked down, to his rescue. Sleep will not, there is no longer, his wife and children will not be able to hug - all toward, until our officer in captivity. Certainly have worked for the liberation of all the options - and the diplomatic, and power, and exchange for any adversary. by the way, if no suitable foe, find him, tracked down, vykradut of the host country, brought to Moscow on a submarine, and will be used for the exchange of. And this, of course, correctly - Russian in their war do not throw!

Or is it "possible options"? Well no, It can not be! Sergei Lavrov and Sergei Shoigu at us the gift of his hlebushek not eat, so his officer would never forget! Though rescued from Afghanistan, though Syria, even where!

Prisoner in peacetime. Five years in custody

Still, but "there are nuances". As practice shows, the state, uchastvuyushtee NATO, we are his strength and will not spread the risk. Therefore, the Russian officer, arrested in some of the European states, five years may languish in jail - even in violation of the country's own laws, that he was detained. And there is an iron proof: dealing retired Colonel Yuri Grinding, detained in Lithuania in March 2014 year and is still located there under arrest. And, as I mentioned above, this is in violation of its own laws Lithuanian, as well as EU legislation, according to which a person can not be held in prison for more than three years without a conviction.

maybe, not everyone remembers the circumstances of the arrest of Yuri Grinding, therefore recall: in March 2014 , the retired colonel Mehl, residing in the Kaliningrad region, He was arrested by law enforcement authorities of Lithuania during a trip to this country. Yuri went there for drugs, which had problems in Russian pharmacies. Ever since he has been in custody, Vilnius Court regularly prolongs the measure of restraint, and there is no end seen.

Lithuanian Themis requires condemn George on 16 years for participating in the events 1991 of the year. And he is not charged with such serious charges article, as murder or war crimes, and three idle (!) shots from a tank gun and tank included headlights, that he is blind to tremble Lithuanian independence advocates. In fact, he has to answer on the principle of "collective responsibility" for the actions of the Soviet Army to restore order in Vilnius, that, we will not forget about it, It was perfectly legal at the time. And the answer for the "crime", committed in 1991 year, Yuri Mehl must under the Criminal Code of Lithuania, adopted in 2000 year, amended already 2010 of the year! That is, it is quite wild abuse of the fundamentals of jurisprudence, which generally can not be explained in terms of normal to understand the law and the rights of.

Yes, and "sweet": Yuri Mehl is only one of the 79 Russian citizens, to whom ultrademokratichnoy Lithuania have a claim on the events of 28 years ago. Before long the other just did not get ...

We can not say, what about George completely forgot. But while the public is somewhat more initiative, than the official structures of Russia. In particular, Kaliningrad politicians and public figures made a proposal to rename the street Proletarian, on which the Lithuanian Consulate in Kaliningrad, in the street Yuri Grinding. This initiative addressed to fellow deputy of the Kaliningrad Regional Duma, Chairman of the Kaliningrad sea commercial port Andrey Kolesnik. And I must say, she found understanding in, but also far beyond its borders.

Necessary street Proletarian, where in the house 133 It is the Lithuanian Consulate, renamed the street Yuri Grinding. Let them shifted. Let inhabit the street Yuri Grinding. It is necessary, people to remember, what did they do, and every time, I come to work, understood, that we will not forget these dastardly deeds.

of course, such a move is unlikely to be a big problem for the Lithuanian authorities - utrut. it seems, understand it, and in Kaliningrad, which emphasize, renaming the streets should be the first, but not the last step in the fight for the liberation of the Russian officer, located, all things considered, literally in enemy captivity. But concrete proposals to continue the struggle until, Unfortunately, can not see. This is partly understandable: the public is not so many tools, and the state, it seems, yet the political will.

Regarding the latter, we can, of course, find our authorities some excuses. In particular, the arrest of Yuri held during the exacerbation of the situation in Ukraine, after the return of the Crimea, against the background of flare up anti-Russian hysteria in the media world and the expected wave of sanctions against Moscow. the, that in such a situation, the Kremlin did not want to prevent the "expansion front", although it sounds very cynical (Still talking about the fate of a particular person, which is now not in the resort sits), is understandable and pragmatic point of view can be justified.

could not be taken into account in the Kremlin and the situation of the Kaliningrad region, its dependence on transit issues in Lithuania, gas and some other things. Yes, The situation was not easy, and this had to be considered. But let's hope, that something did change, and Moscow would finally be able to talk to Vilnius more distinct and specific language.

By altering the situation, I mean first of all the recent discovery in Kaliningrad large gas terminal, capable, if necessary, to fully meet the LNG area, which means full energy independence of the region. Yes, and the sanctions of the West against Russia war has entered a phase of, when its further aggravation of anti-Russian coalition carries more risks, what benefits. That the author has in mind? Yes, everything is very simple - if Russia becomes absolutely nothing to lose, She just quietly take the entire east and south of Ukraine, Belarus, Baltics - it forces her enough, a real war with Moscow in Europe fear like fire.

Therefore, the situation really is changing. Changes primarily because, that Lithuania's own possibilities to annoy Russia tend to zero, and get "fit" for her zakordonnyh patrons will be difficult.

I would also like to note, that Russia did not use a lever, as pressure on EU. But if they had known in Brussels, that for indecent behavior by a member of the EU, sanctions can get absolutely all states, it consist, it would be, least, serious reason to think, whether it is necessary to promote the Nazi and anti-Russian escapades their Baltic satellites.

clear, that any theorising on this occasion would be good even after, as a citizen of Russia, Officer, retired colonel would have been released from captivity Lithuanian. But so far we have what, that we have, and the strength of a pair of divisions to rescue its citizens can not, need at least as much as possible to draw attention to this issue,.

And Yuri Melyu we wish courage, fortitude and patience. Russian in their war do not throw. Just have not yet understood all, this is a war ...

Victor Kuzovkov

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