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12,3h22mm PS-22 – description and specifications

  12,3h22mm PS-22


12,3X22 PS-22



weapon type

revolvers «Hit»

Beg. bullet speed, m / s


Muzzle energy bullets, J.


The length of the cartridge, mm


The length of the sleeve, mm


cartridge weight, g


bullet weight, g


Cartridge is designed for the Russian revolver «Hit». The main type of cartridge is a cartridge with a lead bullet shell, curb in a shorter sleeve hunting cartridge 32 caliber. The bullet has a high stopping power, but not sufficient breakdown action.

Types of ammunition for «blow»:

with armor-piercing bullet cartridge (kalibernoy or podkalibernoy), provides defeat the purpose of the barrier type of body armor and vehicle body. FROM 25 meters such bullet hit the steel sheet thickness 5 mm;

with expansive bullet cartridge, having a high stopping power. This is effective when the bullet hit in the soft tissue, and in the large bones;

cartridge with a steel canister cubic form, not giving ricochets off the walls— used for shooting in cramped conditions and poor visibility;

cartridge with a bullet neuboynogo action— rubber or plastic (bullet designed to curb hooliganism and self-defense; bullet length 34 mm, weight 11,5 g, starting speed 80 m / s);

pirozhidkostny cartridge, having 2,5 cm. cube. 0The irritant. The range of application of the cartridge, even in a crosswind and during rain— no less 5 m;

shocking stun chuck, used to meet the challenges of the capture of criminals (terrorists) in a confined space (power of the light emission of the cartridge— 100000 kJ, sound pressure— no less 105 dB);

The ink cartridge bullet, allowing «mark» criminals trudnosmyvaemye paint. It can also be used for training exercises.

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