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Whether Russia will help Venezuela's military, as it was with Syria?

Whether Russia will help Venezuela's military, as it was with Syria?

Trump open interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela actually legalizes subversive activities of US intelligence on the preparation of a coup in the country. Twitter President decided to personally lead the process. Whether Russia will not interfere in this situation, as it did in Syria at the request of the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad?

The media have already appeared leaks on, the Venezuelan government may turn to Moscow for military assistance. At first sight, I do have a lot of similarities in the situation with Syria and Venezuela. Nicolas Maduro, and how Bashar Assad, because of its pro-Russian stance he has long been a thorn in the eye of the US. US intelligence agencies the entire first term of his presidency, tried to organize a military coup in the country, We provide a full support of the opposition. Things were not very successful: Venezuela's army and intelligence services remain faithful Maduro. And then Trump decided to personally lead a creeping coup in Venezuela, to send a strong message military: America at nothing to stop, to overthrow the successor to Hugo Chavez. The White House hopes, that inclusion Trump demolition work mode will signal military Maduro, it's time to move on to the opposition. military response is not long in coming. A day after the announcement of the cream Trump Venezuelan armed forces headed by the Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino before television cameras, made a statement, that they support President Nicolas Maduro, instead declared himself interim head of state Juan Guaydo. Calling him a puppet in the hands of the "dark forces". And they understand, that any invasion of Venezuela will receive a harsh rebuff.

Looks like, that the threat of Donald Trump, that the US is exploring "all options on the table", including sending troops, not yet worked. And hardly Trump seriously thinking about military invasion. Such a move immediately to the coalition of opponents Maduro and put a cross on it. It is no accident vice president Mike Pence immediately corrected and the president made it clear, that the United States will use "all the weight of our diplomatic and economic pressure". On the military version of a word. In developing his idea of ​​economic pressure, Penny offers to find ways to transfer the assets and the Venezuelan oil revenues opposition leader Guaydo and overclocked the National Assembly, which was dissolved Maduro, but it does not comply with this decision.

The worsening situation in Venezuela was discussed at a meeting of the Russian Security Council. Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Security Council outlined the position of Russia: Moscow considers unacceptable carrying out any outside interference in the internal political situation in the country. point. No comments about the weapons rattling Trump. Venezuela's full political support will be provided. maybe, Russia will postpone debt payments Caracas us, Maduro appeared to have the extra funds to cover social payments to the population. But beyond that Moscow will not go. Why? There are significant differences in the situation with Syria. Military aid to Damascus Russia opened the way for the return of the status of a key player in the Middle East, where we have long-standing geopolitical and economic interests. This close cooperation with Syria and Iran, where we build a nuclear NPP. This military base in Syria, which give us some assurance, that we do not block the, in case of conflict with the West, access to the Mediterranean Sea. This elimination of the potential threat posed by the US secret services nurtured igil, which, after the elimination of the regime of Bashar al-Assad is preparing to leap into the Caucasus. Grinding where terrorists, we pushed away from himself this threat within the country. And it is very urgent, especially in light of the explosion of an apartment house in Magnitogorsk. In the city, no one believes in the version of the gas explosion: so do not add up, like a house of cards, porches. Yes, and the subsequent undermining of the car, looks like, stuffed with explosives, a strengthened version of the attack.

But in Latin America, Russia has its strategic interests. Yes, and it is too far from Russia. And after the close of the Russian eavesdropping center in Lourdes, Cuba Moscow in general lost interest in this region. A surge of activity in the Latin American direction occurred only after the victory of Hugo Chavez in the presidential elections in Venezuela and a general rise in leftist sentiment in the region. But this wave is already asleep. To power this year in Brazil, came to the right. Right won the elections in Chile 2018 year and in Argentina 2015 year. Therefore, the flight to Venezuela in December 2018 year two Russian strategic bombers Tu-160 carried more symbolic: we confirmed a close relationship with the Venezuelan military, which have long been purchasing Russian military equipment. No more.

But even that flight caused a vicious reaction in Washington. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sarcastically commented in his Twitter: “The Russian government has sent bombers halfway around the world to Venezuela. The peoples of Russia and Venezuela should be considered so: Two corrupt government wasting public resources and violate freedom, while their people suffer”. The Kremlin did not agree with this assessment. "With regard to the waste of resources, we do not agree, especially, maybe, the country make such statements, half of the defense budget which can feed the whole of Africa, not quite appropriate ", – responded to words Pompeo president's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov,. He called the Secretary of State comment "very undiplomatic" and "completely inappropriate".

But then, the US did not go lunge. At the Pentagon understands, Russia and thoughts can not keep the idea of ​​military aid to the regime Maduro. The Soviet Union days, have sunk into oblivion. Venezuelan authorities have themselves to extricate himself from the most acute social and political crisis, in which they brought the country. And Russia does provide that advice, how to bring Venezuela's economy from a state of deep economic crisis. In October 2018 in Caracas I have been a landing from officials of several Russian agencies, who came to the bedside with his advice. But judging by the further aggravation of the economic situation in the country, and inflation in Venezuela reached an annualized basis 1 300 000%, Russian experts recipes did not go in store.

While in Caracas, dual power. Maduro threatens all penalties, but does not dare to arrest the leader of the opposition and the impostor Guaydo, which under his wing took personally Donald Trump. A "temporary president" has not received the support of the army and the security services in Venezuela. The first hope, protests fizzle out in a brutal suppression by the police. The latter are expected from the United States to take measures to financial strangulation Maduro regime. These steps can be quite specific: 560 thousand barrels of oil daily Venezuela sends to American refineries. But to give up these supplies is extremely difficult, since immediately stand US refineries, and the world price of oil immediately fly up. Pulled her sharply and the price of a gallon of gasoline in the US. In terms shatdauna, which has already wrapped for Trump's falling rankings, The White House has not yet been enough to face due to the oil embargo against Venezuela with the wave of a sharp rise in price of gasoline Americans discontent in the country.

Opposition remains one: again and again to take people on the streets of Caracas. That last Friday and made Guaydo at a rally of his supporters. He encouraged them to go out again for a mass demonstration against the "usurper" Maduro. Date and place of the demonstration will be announced on Sunday. According to opposition leader, protesters did not exhausted, what "hope in the palace of Miraflores". He again called on the military to side with protesters. And hinted, that the interests of Russia and China in the new Venezuela, nobody is going to infringe on. I read poetry and winner of the Lenin Prize and the Chilean Communist poet Pablo Neruda: "Breaking the flower easily, a stop spring is impossible ". While Guaydo encouraged his supporters to new exploits, Nicolas Maduro at the Presidential Palace during a press conference for journalists in the style of Hugo Chavez scoffed at the White House: «Pompei, Bolton, pence, you are there, my friends!» – he told reporters in English.

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