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.45APC (11.43x23mm) – 1905

  .45APC (11,43x23mm)  1905

.45APC (11,43x23mm) 1905  - description and specifications

Performance characteristics

.45APC (11,43x23mm)



Length, mm


The weight, g


bullet weight, g


The weight of powder charge, g


Muzzle velocity, m / s


The cartridge is designed D. Brauningom in 1905 g. Upgraded version of the cartridge adopted by the US Army 1911 g. Somewhat later I began to be used the armies of Argentina and Mexico. This cartridge is very widely used by British and Canadian troops during the First and Second World Wars.

Beginning with 1912 g. produced different versions of the cartridge, differing mainly bullet shape and bullet ways mounting in the sleeve. The cartridge may have an ordinary shell bullet with a lead core and the apex of the spherical or tracer or armor-piercing bullet. Bullets were strengthened in the sleeve crimp Krutov. The same cartridge with an ordinary bullet shell, Strengthening tripartite crimp sleeve, designed for revolvers.

The cartridge used is used advantageously with guns "Colt" arr. 1911 g. and its variants, with old pistol, Colt revolvers, Smith & Wesson, a Thompson submachine gun different models, with some self-loading rifles and other weapons in many countries.

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