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A type 80 1980

Type 80 1980



Type 80 1980 - description and specifications

Performance characteristics

A type 80


single action

Caliber, mm


Weight empty, g


Length, mm


barrel length, mm


Drum capacity / store

10 or 20

Automatic pistol type 80 It was developed for the military arms of the PLA (People's Liberation Army of China), which does not rely on the state machine, and the usual gun in its combat characteristics for them may be insufficient. pistol Type 80 It was developed in the late 1970s and adopted by the PLA in the early 1980s, but, as it appears, widespread and has not received. The basis of this gun was put to the legendary Mauser C96 pistol of German production, Widely used in China in 1930-40-ies, and produced in China during this period.

pistol Type 80 I inherited from Mauser C96 overall arrangement with an upstream trigger guard store, and system lock barrel movable swingable in a vertical plane combat larva, located below the gate. The trigger mechanism has undergone major changes, Gun had the opportunity to fire bursts, guard / translator fire mode is located on the left frame, above the handle. shops detachable, Box Shaped, staggered 10 or 20 rounds. Unlike Mauser pistol at the Chinese gun shops bent forward, apparent to improve feed reliability cartridges. pistol grip also undergone changes in form, become more comfortable. The sight is permanent, unregulated, gun sighted at a distance of 50 m. pistol Type 80 It can be equipped with detachable holster-butt or a special detachable metal shoulder rest. For fixing the butt on the back of the pistol grip has grooves.



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