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Miss Bayard – 1923

Bayard Mle.1923 - description and specifications
Performance characteristics Bayard Mle.1923
A type automatic pistol
Caliber, mm 7,65 auto
Length, mm 146
barrel length, mm 55
Weight empty, g 565
Drum capacity / store 6

AT 1923 The firm announced the emergence of new models. Externally they resembled the "browning" 1910 of the year, but inherited the original trigger and sear Clara.

Three new versions have the same caliber, that "Bayard" first editions, and only a new model caliber 6,35 mm was much smaller than its predecessor. AT 1930 year has undergone minor improvements magazine catch, but this alone was not enough, to talk about the new design.

Upgraded guns were issued to 1940 of the year, when Belgium was occupied by Germany again.



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