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Military police ZVO equip gear "cap" and "Turtle"

Created by units and formations ZVO Field Army military police (VP) They will be equipped with special tools and new equipment, According to the Western District press service.

Военную полицию ЗВО оснастят экипировкой «Колпак» и «Черепаха»

according to information, the newly formed EP platoon, stationed in Belgorod, Voronezh and Smolensk regions, equip a new special gear "cap" and "Turtle".

The composition of combat equipment includes helmets, shields, and breeches of protection sets "Turtle". Kits will be delivered in the District at the end of the year. Completion of deliveries scheduled for July 2019 of the year.

reported, that the soldiers, assigned to police units, We passed a special training course, after which they issued certificates, giving the right to the use of weapons and special means.

According to the press-service, Selection of candidates for the new units was carried out according to strict criteria, including increased demands on physical fitness, moral and professional qualities and military discipline fighters.

The duties of the personnel of the military police is to maintain order and discipline in military units, permanent deployment locations, at the training camp and field outputs, We added in the county.



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