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The new armored vehicle “Tiger-2” spring show 2019 of the year

The new armored vehicle “Tiger-2” It will be shown next spring, They stated in “Military-Industrial Company”, engaged in the development. Postponement of the first sample armored display associated with changes to the structure of the armored car, reports TASS with reference to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Новый бронеавтомобиль "Тигр-2" покажут весной 2019 года

Company “MIC” postponed the show of the first sample of the new armored car “Tiger-2” from the end 2018 the year for March-April of the next due to a number of changes, which the Russian Ministry of Defense demanded. The company explained, that a number of requirements for the armored car have changed, so I had to make changes to the design, but did not specify, what requirements are we talking about.

earlier it was reported, which compared to “Tiger-M”, the new armored car will increase mine resistance to 2 kg of TNT (“Tiger-M” – 0,6 kg), ballistic resistance up to class 6a according to GOST ( 5 class at Tiger-M), capacity – 2 tons (1,2 t. – “Tiger-M” ). Besides, “Tiger-2” will receive a new engine and gearbox, what kind, not specified.

The new armored car is being developed by order of the Russian Ministry of Defense, taking into account the operating experience “Tigra-M” in real combat conditions. It is assumed, that the increased carrying capacity of the armored car will allow the installation of combat modules with heavy weapons on it.

“Tiger” (“GAZ-2330”) - a family of multipurpose armored vehicles. Development in the 90s was ordered by Jordanian King Abdullah II, allocated for this 60 million. dollars, but later refused to supply Russian armored cars. As a result, the Gorky Automobile Plant had an army car ready for production.. Mass production was later launched by order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the Arzamas plant..



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