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Satanovskiy saw through the tactics of the "American cat 'in Syria

In the struggle for dominance in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United States are ready for anything. To establish control in the region, they are not even doing "nothing". absurdity, you say. But, It turned out, not necessarily to do something, to keep the situation "on the fly".

Сатановский раскусил тактику «американского кота» в Сирии

Why do Americans put it in Syria? To this question tried to answer not only the Russian, but also foreign experts. And the unequivocal answer did not come. However, analysts still managed to identify several areas, which Washington and going to work, "the Syrian scenario".

For example, Earlier it was reported, that the White House is developing a strategy for action in Syria. It involves the introduction of sanctions against the Russian and Iranian companies, involved in the restoration of the republic. In this way, Washington is trying to "political" instruments supersede, Firstly, Iranian troops from the country.

Vladimir Bruter, expert at the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies, also highlighted the objectives of the new American strategy in the CAP. The first - is increasing pressure on Russia. Second - strengthening the position of an obstacle Assad. The third - the refusal of Russia financial assistance in the process of recovery of Syria. Fourth - support for radical Islamists. Fifth - the promotion of anti-Iranian programs the White House.

However, facilitating the spread of terrorism in the United States to Syria at the head of the corner. On the eve of the head of the Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov said at a briefing, that the "Islamic State" (terrorist group, forbidden in the Russian Federation) strengthens its position on the east coast of the Euphrates and to the CAP's borders with neighboring states, expanding controlled zone. Americans, naturally, this and justify its presence in the SAR.

According to orientalist Yevgeny Satanovsky, White House strategy in Syria easily explained: "Clever cat catches mice all at once, or it will have nothing to do next ". Naturally, Washington will scream about the fight against terrorism in the region and increase its contingent. but, as is known, no significant benefit from the US is not observed in the republic.

Of course, Russia understands, US special tighten defeat IG * beyond the Euphrates in order to justify their presence. Therefore, in expert circles to the US authorities have a lot of questions.



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