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It is a diagram of a possible lifting of the Norwegian frigate «Helge Ingstad»

More than three weeks have passed since the collision Norwegian Navy frigate "Helge Ingstad" class "Fridtjof Nansen" tanker «Sola TS». To a place of warship sinking in the area of ​​Bergen came Luxembourgish floating crane "Gulliver" carrying capacity 4 thousand tons. In this case Frigate lifting operation has not yet started.

The Norwegian Navy, together with representatives of the Belgian-Luxembourg company “Jan De Nul”, and which belongs to the "Gulliver", discuss possible measures to raise the submerged warship, which could not disperse with said tanker, receiving hole below the waterline.

Recall, Earlier in the Norwegian Navy claims expressed by the Spanish company, the manufacturer of this type frigates. The claims were that, frigates that creates a level of vitality, which is substantially below the claimed. As an example flooding «Helge Ingstad», although the damage was one of his compartment. Spaniards in response to state, that to blame the ship's critical roll, which eventually led to the, frigate “drank” water.

One of the proposals being discussed is, that of the internal compartments is fixed submerged off the coast of the frigate to pump water, reducing its total weight. This is necessary in order, to "Gulliver" in its duty could at least begin to lift "Helge Ingstad". Recall, that the displacement of the Norwegian frigate is nearly 5,3 thousand. tonnes. A scheme of possible jobs.

Представлена схема возможного подъёма норвежского фрегата «Helge Ingstad»

The next step should be to align the underwater warship using the arrows of the same "Gulliver". Once the alignment takes place, to begin lifting the main phase.

In this case, the question arises, whether «Helge Ingstad» drags to the bottom of the same Luxembourgish floating crane, Capacity is below displacement frigate?

Представлена схема возможного подъёма норвежского фрегата «Helge Ingstad»

lifting plan developers, naturally, We attended to this problem and proposed the following: brought under the "Gulliver" special pontoons, which will add to him the buoyancy (labeled with a reddish tinge). Then, the pontoons can be used for lifting Navy frigate Norway – for further transport to the port. This kind of scheme is shown in

experts note, that begin the process prevents weather, which was established in the frigate flooded area. Strong winds and sea state significantly complicate the operation to raise the «Helge Ingstad». But if you delay the process, while winter weather can deteriorate very, and the process will defer until the spring, which could affect the status of submerged ship.



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