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US base in Poland will, but in a different form

The United States will not be placed on the territory of Poland military base “Fort Trump” in the form, which offers Polish government, According to the Polish edition of Onet with reference to its sources.

Американская база в Польше будет, но в другом виде

According to the publication, the US side is not averse to increase its presence in Poland, but only in a different form, and Poland is ready to abandon the original concept of the military base “Fort Trump”. Question increase in US forces in Poland has already been resolved in a positive way, added in the publication, but subject to certain conditions, nominated American.

According to the portal, The United States require that Poland accommodation in the country of American arms and ammunition depots, as well as elements of command and intelligence structure. It is this concept now discussing Warsaw and Washington, and the idea to place on Polish territory a permanent military base “It has virtually no chance of being realized”, although there may be some trade-offs.

celebrated, that the deployment of American military bases on Polish territory of the United States a special visit to the Minister of National Defense of Poland Mariusz Blaschak. He discussed the matter not only with the Pentagon chief James Mattis, but also addressed the senators and US congressmen, I am trying to convince them the wisdom of placing the US Army in Poland on a permanent basis.