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In Rostec told to supply the T-90 in Vietnam

Supply of the T-90S and T-90SK extends schedule, most of the cars have already transferred to the Vietnamese side, RIA Novosti message head of the delegation of "Rostec" on China-2018 exhibition in Zhuhai Victor Kladova.

В Ростехе рассказали о поставках Т-90 во Вьетнам

According to him, shipment property (tanks) continues, most of the armored vehicles are already in place.

The contract to supply Vietnam 64 T-90 was put in tanks 2016 year. For the first time it has learned from the annual report of the corporation "Uralvagonzavod" for 2016 year. Execution of the contract should be completed in 2019 year.

Treasure also spoke about the delivery of ten training aircraft Yak-130 in Myanmar. In this case, the government has ordered more 6 the same aircraft.

he explained, what 10 machines by now already have a buyer, and is now being implemented optional delivery of six more aircraft.

Previously also reported intention of Myanmar to enter into a contract with Russia to supply six Su-30cm. The transaction value is estimated at $400 million. In case of signing the contract of solid military department will be able to receive planes as early as 2019 year.

According to experts, contracts with these countries an opportunity to strengthen the position of Russia in the South Asian market. As for the aircraft, then any, even a small contract will load the Irkutsk plant capacity to deploy there full-scale serial production of passenger aircraft MS-21.



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