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The Japanese had their eye on the Trans-Siberian Railway?

To improve the logistic scheme of export of goods to Europe and import the Japanese businessmen expect to transport goods on the Russian Trans-Siberian Railway. This possibility was discussed at a conference in Vladivostok Northeast Asia governors. Her vice governor of Tottori Prefecture Nogawa Satoshi proposed transport route, which would be mobilized at the same time, Transsiberian and ferry Russia - Japan – South Korea.

Японцы положили глаз на Транссиб?

All components of this new route, which will act as a new international transport corridor, basically, has already: DBS ferry line from Vladivostok across South Korea Donghae Sakaiminato in Japan working for a long time. It left it to integrate the passage of the Chinese Jilin Province and, perhaps, on the territory of Mongolia.

In test mode, the Japanese had already made several attempts to break in a new logistic scheme of transportation of goods from the rising sun to the European mainland. This spring, the ferry arrived in the Far Eastern port of Zarubino, and then delivered the goods to China, which significantly reduced the delivery time, true, thus it is necessary to modify the mechanisms of the "seamless" crossing the state borders of several states.

Earlier, Japanese media took the information about the, Russia and Japan are planning to use more closely for the development of the Trans-Siberian alternative land corridor between the two countries. At the moment, the transportation of goods between Moscow and Tokyo goes by sea or air. In this case, shipping take about two months, whereas air cargo transportation unreasonably expensive.

The use of this transport logistics Trans shorten the duration of transportation up to a month and will reduce costs shipping companies almost doubled, what, really, economically and Japanese business, and for Russian railwaymen.



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