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answer partner. Placed near Kaliningrad "Samarkand"

Ministry of Defense has placed in strategic areas complexes jamming "Samarkand", including in Kaliningrad Region, According to Vedomosti.

Ответ партнёрам. Под Калининградом размещены «Самарканды»

On Friday, the Defense Ministry marked out on the site of public procurement order for revision, installation and connection of the components of the complex to the data transmission system.

according to the documentation, in total were deployed 16 complexes in 13 military units, stationed Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Murmansk Oblast, Primorye and Krasnodar Territories, Jewish Autonomous Oblast and Belarus. Systems available on the Russian Navy facilities.

The maximum contract price is 61 million. rubles. Works should be completed by 10 November 2019 of the year. Winner of the closed competition will determine 16 November.

Last year, the Ministry of Defense announced the immediate to the armament of the Northern Fleet of the newest complexes "Light" and "Samarkand". War Department never officially did not disclose the purpose of the equipment and its characteristics.

From other sources we know, that "Samarkand" is designed to assess the electromagnetic environment in the area of ​​responsibility, searching, Detection and analysis of radio signals, and their suppression.

Recall, leading company in the development and manufacture of electronic warfare in Russia is company "Radio-electronic technologies". Its share in this market leaves about 60%. Also manufactures similar equipment concern "Constellation", Radio Engineering Institute. Bergen, Special Technology Center and SEC electronic warfare.



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