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The Bundeswehr has adopted a reconnaissance mini-robots

The German army is adopting new robotic scouts. One of the systems, received by the Bundeswehr, a robotic reconnaissance system RABE (Robot for elucidation, Observation and reconnaissance in the local- und Häuserkampf - robot for exploration, surveillance and reconnaissance in urban combat), transfers “Warspot” referring to the official YouTube-channel Bundeswehr German army.

Бундесвер принял на вооружение мини-роботов разведки

As reported by the Ministry of Defense of Germany, currently in service with the Bundeswehr is 44 RABE robotic intelligence system, It planned to buy more 150 mini-robots. The system is manufactured by Endeavour Global, direct supplier to the German Armed Forces is the German company European Logistic Partners.

RABE reconnaissance system is a remotely controlled tracked vehicle Thumbnail weight 2,5 kg. Robot arms round view four cameras, as well as digital radio system. According to the results of preliminary tests and the comments received from the Bundeswehr, developers should consider the installation of a mini-robot an extra camera for surveillance in low-light conditions. The robot easily overcomes obstacles, such as stairs or uneven terrain, and virtually indestructible. For a survey of the premises you can throw through a window or, if necessary, reset from a height of five meters without serious damage. In the case of landing on the robot flips back and ready for immediate action.

According to the specs, the robot is capable of performing tasks in a temperature range of 48C to + -19S, said housing is waterproof and is protected against dust. Radius is less than 400 m, battery charge 6 hours.



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