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US media: Russian missile Kh-35U can threaten only fishermen

The American edition of Business Insider published its vision, as the need to refer to the tests of X-35U Russian rocket. It is about not so long ago published frames, which shows the episode of the destruction of the ship by this rocket, at sea. The author of the publication in the American magazine claims, that the United States was in vain nervous about the video published by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

of material:
Russia stated, that the X-3U missile cannot be intercepted. It is able to bypass all modern ship protection systems.. But these statements of the Russian defense department should not be taken for truth..

Further author (his name is Logan Nye) expresses his point of view. According to this journalist, Russian missile was aimed at an old civilian ship, which acted as a target during the exercises. The defeat of this ship was carried out without any active opposition, including opposition from combat aircraft and electronic warfare systems.

of material:
The missile can be launched from an air carrier from a distance of about 300 km. But American “Super Hornet” can protect US Navy aircraft carriers within a radius of up to 800 km, and American specialists are working on increasing this radius.

Further, the author talks about the presence of deck-based F-35s, which are capable of neutralizing missiles fired at aircraft carrier groups. But at the same time, Business Insider claims, that Russia often underestimates the characteristics of its weapons, but even this, in the presence of the F-35, “no need to be afraid”.

Final log output:
By and large,, you can just watch the spectacular propaganda of the Russian Ministry of Defense, because the tests of the Kh-35U rocket are a beautiful firework, which can threaten, except that, fishermen.



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