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Missiles and UAV: Huthis continue to attack Saudi territory

Saudi Arabia's air defense forces shot down another missile on Saturday, launched from Yemen rebels-Huthis, transmits the channel Sky News Arabia by the representative of the Arabian coalition Turki al-Maliki.

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the kingdom of the air defense forces intercepted a ballistic missile, launched by rebels of the Yemeni province of Saada, said al-Maliki, stressing, it is a deliberate shelling of civilian areas.

Previously reported Huthis controlled through their channel Al Masirah to launch rockets "Badr-1" in the Saudi city of Jizan.

According to Arab military alliance, led by Saudi Arabia, in total were shot down already 190 missiles, running from Yemen. Strikes on border cities and economic zones, However, the Saudi defense every time timely pinpointing missiles and destroy them, was added in a coalition.

The situation is complicated by the fact, that recently began to actively apply Huthis combat drones. The objectives of the UAV began airports in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Refinery Saudi Aramco in Riyadh.

However, information on casualties or damage as a result of the attacks have been reported.

Previous rocket, According to the representative of the Arabian coalition, He was hit by the Saudis on Friday, it was aimed at the oil refinery in Jizan.

Recall, confrontation between government forces and rebels-Huthis in Yemen began in avguste2014 year. The most active phase of the fighting crossed in March 2015 a year after the invasion of the Arab coalition forces, led by Saudi Arabia.



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