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Business Insider: US F-22 is not the enemy the Russian Su-35

Following the American magazine The National Interest, constantly comparing Russian and American arms, I engaged in the same, and a news portal Business Insider. The material, released on the website, Business Insider military commentator compared the fifth-generation fighter F-22 Raptor and the Russian Su-35, assuming, they could meet in a real fight.

Business Insider: американский F-22 не противник российскому Су-35

According to the author of the material, when they met in the battle of the American F-22 Raptor and the Russian Su-35, fifth-generation aircraft will lose, even though, that the conduct of air combat is the main American fighter specialization. American aircraft in combat immediately loses its main advantage – obscurity, and he just did not have enough weapons. Russian Su-35 is more maneuverable than an F-22, that gives him an advantage in the far and near dogfight.

A retired pilot US Air Force David Burke, once flown on the F-22, He told the publication, that in comparison with the Russian Su-35, American fighter is inferior in agility. When flying on the F-22, he added, We have always been taught “avoiding maneuver clashes with the enemy”, and use the advantage of the fighter – obscurity. As Russian plane carries more missiles, than American fighter, which also offers the advantage of the Russian Su-35.

As a result, the author summed up the Business Insider, that the F-22 with its emphasis on stealth is not suitable for interceptions, but this work can do fourth-generation aircraft, type F-15.



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