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Blashtak: The deployment of US bases in Poland becomes a real chance

Poland has a real chance to host the US bases, said Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaschak, RIA News with reference to the television channel TVN.

Блащак: Размещение американских баз в Польше обретает реальные шансы

The Polish military department, currently on a visit to the USA, held meetings with members of the US House of Representatives and, According to the channel, presented to the American parliamentarians “arguments in favor of the permanent presence of the US army on Polish territory”. At the same time, Blaschak states, what at the moment “details are discussed” deployment of American bases in Poland. Previously, Poland offered the United States to host a US armored division and spend 1,5 – 2 billion. dollars, where negotiations were conducted bilaterally, outside the NATO treaty.

Besides, discussions are underway on the supply of American military equipment to Poland, but the details of the deal were not disclosed.

Currently, Poland is actively building up its armed forces., explaining it “Russian aggression”. As part of the program to increase the military presence, a multinational battalion group and a US armored division are stationed in Poland. To leave Americans in Poland permanently, Warsaw is ready to spend up to 2 billion. dollars.



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