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mirage 2000

 mirage 2000 dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Interceptor "Mirage" company "Dassault" created, as far as it's possible, lightest and smallest, to provide a combat curb using one of the turbofan engine thrust-SNECMA M53-5, equal 1. On samolete «Mirage» 2000 We returned to the delta wing "Mirage" aircraft of III. and to increase the maneuverability of the device supplied by-wire flight control system (fly-by-wire). which allows to stretch the mass center line to the rear of a, than traditional circuit planes. This leads to a decrease in self-sustainability (without the use of self-stabilization).

Mirage fighter 2000 – video

Plane «Mirage» 2000 wing has a larger area to reduce the specific load on the wing and to provide the best performance in the low speed, as well as to increase the rotation speed at high altitudes. Besides, Sharing automatic slats and wing elevons gave varying curvature, which further increased the flight characteristics and controllability at low speeds. The rest of the overall configuration of "Mirage" aircraft 2000 is similar to the configuration of "Mirage" precursor III.
Was built 5 prototypes. The first prototype flew in full 10 Martha 1978 city, and the fifth - Option 2-seater training (combat) aircraft "Mirage" 2000V - 11 October 1980 g. The first production "Mirage" 2000C flew 20 November 1982 g. The first deliveries of the French Air Force aircraft began in 1983 city, and 1984 g. it was announced, that the aircraft proceeded for duty. TO 1990 g. We received orders from seven customers for more than 440 "Mirage" aircraft.

 mirage 2000 dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

The plane is made on a "tailless" with a low-delta wing and one engine with forced draft. Wing mnogolonzheronnoe with fairings, providing blending with the fuselage, an asymmetric profile with a variable spanwise relative thickness. Semi-monocoque fuselage, made of space rule. It made mostly of metal alloys.
The flight control system of the active electrode-Stantsionnaya, with quad redundant circuit in the circuits of the longitudinal and lateral control, and three-channel redundancy scheme in the circuit directional control. autopilot SFENA 605 It provides the artificial stability plane for some modes. Longitudinal and transverse controlling with the aileron, directional control - Rudder.

 mirage 2000 dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling


«Mirage» 2000V - double training (combat) option, retained substantially all of the functionality. external cannon gondola installed instead of fixed gun. The first production aircraft flew on 7 October 1983 g.

«Mirage» 2000D - a designation meant for a double version of the "Mirage" aircraft 2000s, and is now used for the former 2000N, adapted for normal attack, and not equipped with missiles "air-to-surface» ASMP. The increased combat effectiveness is determined by the laser guidance system. Deliveries of thirty-nine 2000D aircraft scheduled to be completed for the Air Force in France 2000 g.

«Mirage» 2000? - the export version of the aircraft "Mirage" 2000C. Deliveries began in September 1984 city. to 1990 g. exported 126 aircraft.

 mirage 2000 dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

«Mirage» 2000N (N means "nuclear weapons"), first raised in the air 3 February 1983 city, It is an all-weather two-seater version with a large radius of action to deliver at low altitudes and high speeds conventional or tactical nuclear weapons and pre-emptive strike. Although the aircraft as a whole is similar to the model of "" Mirage "2000V, the design of its reinforced airframe. The new weapons system includes an ESD ANTILOPE V radar for navigation and tracking ground; SAGEM paired inertial navigation system; radarnыy apytimetr TRT; autopilot; vertical chamber OMERA; communication security equipment CSF company "Thomson" and electronic cipher machine ECM company "Dassault". Equipped with an engine SNECMA M53-P2, the first aircraft "Mirage» 2000N was put Air France in January 1987 g. Three squadrons of aircraft equipped with missiles Air-Sol Moyenne Portee (ASMP) class "air-surface" with a nuclear warhead.

«Mirage» 2000S (S means "percussion") - is a two export one plane 2000D, equipped with a flight refueling system.

«Mirage» 2000-5 - designed in 1986 g. on technology "stealth" aircraft variants for bazeilles invisible "Myrazh" 2000-3 Cab "Rafale" aircraft (the prototype flew in May 1988 city); It equipped with a Doppler radar, CSF classifying communications equipment company "Thomson", multi-purpose radar RDY class "look down - shoot down", managing modern missiles "air-to-air" class "Mika", and the motor M53-P2.

 mirage 2000 dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

On airplanes "Mirage" 2000C, 2000E and 2000-5 the bottom of the air intakes mounted under the fuselage 2 DEFA cannon 554 (30 mm, 1800 rds. / min, by 125 shells), and the 2000V, D, N and S have guns. There are nine knots suspension arms, including bomb, missiles, Suspended gondola with intelligence equipment, missile or gun suspended containers, the fuel tanks to the total mass 6300 kg.
Typical load fighter 2000C at interception includes two SD Mahtra "Super» 530D or 530F (at RDM radar) on the inner underwing nodes and two SD Matra 550 "Magique" or "Magique" 2 on external underwing nodes. The aircraft can carry up configuration shock 18 bombs weighing 250 kg or betonoboynymi bombs "Thomson-Brandt" BAP 100; to 16 concrete-piercing bombs "Durandal", 1-2 bomb with L SI Matra BGL weight 1000 kg, 5-6 cluster bombs Matra "Beluga", 2 UR Aerospatiale AS30L laser-guided, protïvoradïolokacïonnıe UR Matra Armata or anti UR Aérospasyal AM39 "Ékzoset"; 4 Container Matra LR NAR F4 (18×68 mm); Container Dassault-Breege SS630 with two cannons 30 mm. «Mirage» 2000N ASMP missile armed with a nuclear warhead capacity 150 kg.
"Mirage" aircraft 2000 at a sufficiently high value inferior to the characteristics of the best American or Russian combat aircraft. AT 1991 g. during the war in the Persian Gulf have been deployed 10 "Mirage" aircraft 2000 BBC France. They performed the task of air defense and patrolling of the territory of Saudi Arabia.

 mirage 2000 dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

combat application

8 October 1996 year Greek Mirage 2000 shot down in a dogfight over the Aegean Sea, Turkish fighter F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Indian Mirage 2000 participated in the Kargil conflict 1999 of the year. "Mirage" made more than 500 departures: 274 made planes 1st Squadron, who solved the problem of air defense and escort attack aircraft, and more 240 – 7 Aircraft Squadron, under the cover of MiG-29 fighters to strike at ground targets, to which they have been dumped more 55 tons of bombs. Among the missions of the 7th Squadron notable blows on Manto was given, Tiger Hill and height 4388 in Dras sector. Manto was given on Mount in Batalik sector 17 June 7 strike aircraft Squadron unmanaged bomb the main point of the enemy's supply was destroyed: It was liquidated more 50 buildings and 100 human. 24 June top of the mountain Tiger Hill guided bombs with laser guidance, dumped with two Mirage-2000 fighters, I was struck by an enemy battalion headquarters – It was the first combat use of ASD Indian Air Force. On the same day followed by a blow to the same purpose unguided bombs. 4On July unguided bombs hit was first applied to artillery positions and camp supplies at the height of 4388 in Dras sector. The next attack was carried out by four Mirage-2000 Sixth of July, cast off 24 bombs, a 10 July three planes dropped more 15 neupravlyaemыh Bomb. These strikes have broken the enemy's resistance, and because of high losses among the officers severely weakened leadership.

19 Martha 2011 of the year 4 Mirage aircraft 2000 as part of the French Air Force took part in the operation «Odyssey Dawn» anti-Gaddafi forces in Libya.

 mirage 2000 dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

The wreckage of the French "Mirage 2000", lost in Afghanistan

The performance characteristics of the Mirage 2000C

crew Mirage 2000

– 1 pilot

Dimensions Mirage 2000

– Length: 14,36 m
– Wingspan: 9,13 m
– Height: 5,14 m
– wing area: 41,0 m²
– wing elongation: 2,0
– Sweep of the leading edge: 58°
– The base chassis: 5,0 m
– track chassis: 3,5 m

weight Mirage 2000

– empty weight: 7500 kg
– Normal takeoff weight: 14 000 kg
– Maximum takeoff weight: 17 000 kg
– Maximum landing weight: 16 700 kg
– Mass fuel in internal tanks: 3160 kg (+ 4140 kg FTB)
– Volume of fuel tanks: 4000 l

engine Mirage 2000

– Power point: 1 × ТРДДФ SNECMA M53-P2
– dry power: 1 × 64,3 kN
– afterburning power: 1 × 95,1 kN

Mirage speed 2000

– Maximum speed at ground: M=1,2 (1380 kmh)
– Maximum speed at height: M=2,2 (2534 kmh)
– Cruising speed: 885 kmh
– landing speed: 144 kmh
– stall speed: 185 kmh
– Skoropodъёmnost: 284 m / s
– thrust-to-weight ratio: 0,57 (at maximum takeoff weight)

Range Mirage flight 2000

– practical range: 1852 km
– Ferry range: 3333 km (with PTB)

Practical ceiling Mirage 2000

– 16 460 m

Maximum Overload Mirage 2000

+9,0/-3,2 g

armament Mirage 2000

– Small-pushechnoe: 2 × 30 mm DEFA cannon 554 from 125 rounds per gun
– point of suspension: 9 (5 under the fuselage, 4 under the wing)
– combat load: 6200 kg

rockets Mirage 2000

"Air-land" guided missiles:
– 1 × ASMP (the Mirage 2000N)
– 2 × AS.30L or AM.39 or Armat
– APACHE или SCALP (the Mirage 2000D)

"Air-air" guided missiles:
– 2 × Super 530 and / or
– 2-4 × R550 Magic или MICA (the Mirage 2000-5)

rockets: 4 MBDA LR F4 block 18 × 68 mm rockets

bomb Mirage 2000

– 1-2 × 990 кг MBDA BGL
– GBU-24 and GBU-12

– 16 × 219 кг MBDA Durandal
– 5-6 × 305 kg cassette MBDA Belouga or TDA BM 400
– Mk20 and / or Mk82

– Suspended guns: Dassault CC 630 from 2 × 30 mm cannon with 600 patr.
– External fuel tanks: 1 × 1300 l under the fuselage and 2 × 1700 l or 2000 l under the wing

Photo Mirage 2000

 mirage 2000 dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

 mirage 2000 dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

 mirage 2000 dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling


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