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A type 10 – Japanese tank

		A type 10 - Japanese tank

A type 10 — Japanese newest main battle tank. The prototype tank was first seen in the 2008 year. AT 2010 , the Japanese Self-Defense Forces ordered 13 tanks for about $6,5 million per unit. A type 10 It was put on the weapons of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces 10 January 2012 of the year. planned, that over time, type 10 replace obsolete Type 74 and complement the tank park Type 90.

Japanese Tank Type 10 – video

13 February 2008 year in Japan held a public demonstration of a new generation tank, which encompasses all the most modern design solutions in the field of tank and was will build on the experience of conducting local conflicts of recent years. MBT promising prototype was presented to journalists at the research center of the Ministry of Defense of Japan in the city of Sagamihara. As with the predecessors, the new car has a hydropneumatic suspension, Allows you to change the tank clearance and tilt it to the left or right side. Noteworthy is reduced compared with the tank «90» the number of rollers — by 5 on Board, the distance between them is greater. In general, the appearance of a new tank suspension resembles MBT «74».
The new machine has absorbed all of the most modern developments in the field of tank. The tank is equipped with electronic C4I system, combines management capabilities, guidance, communications and intelligence. The system allows for the automatic exchange of information between the tanks. OMS tank allows you to fight effectively with small moving targets. This feature, combined with a modern modular composite booking system, allegedly, It allows the tank to operate equally well in a battle with the armies of both, having modern MBT, and with the guerrilla forces, basic anti means which are rocket-propelled grenade. The report of Japanese TV about the new car, considerable attention has been given to just «antiterrorist» potential of the tank and to protect it from various species RPG-7.

		A type 10 - Japanese tank

The exterior of the tank «10» traced similarities with modern MBT, as the Leopard 2A6 and Merkava Mk 4. But size and weight it is closer to the Russian tanks. Need to mark, We value that the composition of weapons, the mobility of the tank «10» corresponds to weaponization 1989 bare tank «90», and possibly a fire control system and other electronic equipment, apparently, should it exceed, the dimensions and weight, it is smaller and closer to the tank «74». Need to mark, the main claim of the Japanese military to the tank «90» was just its high cost — 7,4 million. dollars, on 3 million. expensive, than the US price «Abrams», as well as the weight and size characteristics, preventing the free transit by rail tanks and independent travel on the roads in the country. So when a new tank Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. He complied with the wishes of the military, and has developed a cheaper and more compact version.

The cost of one combat vehicle is about 700 million. yen, or about 6.5 million. dollars. As I noted during the presentation of the representative of the Japanese military establishment, Orders tank has not been determined. Japan's largest holding company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Lid., is the developer tank, He expects to soon conclude a contract worth 48,4 billion. yen for the production of new tanks. Their serial production scheduled to begin in 2010 goal. but, judging by the latest reports, the deadline is postponed until 2014 , in connection with some problems, identified during the test.

		A type 10 - Japanese tank


The main armament is a 120 mm German gun Rheinmetall, having a barrel length 44 calibers and is equipped with automatic loader conveyor type. The gun is equipped with an ejector propellant gases, and a thermal stabilized in two planes.

Particular attention was paid to the Japanese designers CICS (combat information management system) and TIUS (Tank management information system). The tank is equipped with an effective system for panoramic view.

The security

Modular armor design allows for replacement of damaged modules and installation of additional modules mounted on the housing side skirts, that increases of security and increases the fighting vehicle weight of up to 48 tonnes. Front insert tank ensures a swimming in the water at an average speed 13 kmh.

		A type 10 - Japanese tank


Equipped with a diesel engine 1200 hp, which provides a high power density (27 hp / ton). tank Transmission — continuously variable automatic, allowing to develop 70 km / h as the forward, and back.

armed with

Japan — 53 Type-10, as of 2016 year. ordered all 68 units.

		A type 10 - Japanese tank

Tactical and technical characteristics of the tank type 10

Crew, pers.: 3
The layout: classical
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
years of production: from 2010
The number of issued, PC.: 76

Weight of tank type 10

– 44,0 tonnes

The dimensions of the tank type 10

– Length with gun forward, mm: 9485
– housing width, mm: 3240
– Height, mm: 2300

Armor tank type 10

– Type broni: modular combined, protivosnaryadnym

Armament Type 10

– Caliber guns and stamp: 120-мм Rheinmetall Rh-120
– gun type: smoothbore
– barrel length, calibres: 44
– Shotgun: 1 × 12,7-mm M2HB, 1 × 7,62-mm Type 74

Tank Engine Type 10

– Engine power, l. from.: 1200

– Road speed, kmh: 70
– power density, l. p. / m: 27,0
– suspension type: active, gidropnevmatičeskaâ


Photo tank type 10

		A type 10 - Japanese tank

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