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Air India refused to buy Russian Su-30MKI

Indian Air Force refused to purchase an additional batch of Su-30MKI. Air Force command of the decision allegedly explained “the high cost of service”. Edition of India Today wrote, that during the exercise "Gaganshakti" Indian Air Force found, that the cost of operating the Su-30MKI "above, than other aircraft of Western production per hour of flight ".

ВВС Индии отказались закупать российские Су-30МКИ

As explained in the Air Force Command, It decided to purchase more fuel-efficient car west, since ordered 272 Su-30MKI is enough (nearly 50% Fighter fleet), and they form the basis of the Indian Air Force fighter fleet over the next few decades.

Earlier, the Indian group Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) He offered the Indian Air Force to collect more 40 SU-30 MKI approximately 2,5 billion dollars. HAL is the assembly of Su-30MKI under license from Russia in the aviation complex in Nashik. President HAL Suvarna Raju was announced, that his association is ready to put these 40 Additional fighters for the price 4,25 billion rupees (62,7 $ millions) plane (that is, a total of 170 billion rupees), while, as, according to him, Force India are now beginning to purchase Dassault Rafale fighter jets at a price 11,25 billion rupees (166 million dollars) plane, and without taking into account the cost of the purchase of weapons for the Rafale and technical support. offered 40 additional Su-30MKI was proposed to equip cruise missile "BrahMos» ALCM.

reportedly, HAL currently assembles the past 23 Su-30MKI from 272 u, ordered in Russia. first 50 aircraft for the Indian Air Force were fully assembled in Russia with the further transfer of the necessary technology for the assembly of the Indian side, transmits TSAMTO.

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