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Sniper rifle OSV-96 will be a high-precision

Tula Instrument Design Bureau named. Shipunova (KBP) will undertake the modernization of a sniper rifle OSV-96, TASS reported, citing a source in the office. As a result of the modernization of the Russian heavy sniper rifle OSV-96 caliber 12,7 mm precision and will receive a new cartridge.

Снайперская винтовка ОСВ-96 станет высокоточной

As stated in the PCU, now OSV-96 is inferior in accuracy indicators such as the types of weapons, eg, sniper rifle MC-116m. In connection with this set of works will be carried out, aimed at improving the accuracy and precision rifle shooting. To date, work is being research projects, follow them step of development work and testing cycle. To complete work on the START-96 modernization is planned 2018 year. In this period also include the creation of a new cartridge for rifles.

Anti-materiel rifle OSV-96 was developed by the specialists of “KBP Instrument Design Bureau” based on earlier experimental models semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle B-94 in the framework of development work “burglar”. On the basis of the prototype B-94 and the production version of the rifle was developed, gets marked OSV-96.
This model is designed for the destruction of weapons and the scrapping of the lightly armored and soft-skinned vehicles, aircraft and helicopter standing on the airfield and landing sites, radar, boats and other vessels, sniper calculations and individual enemy snipers at distances up 1800 m. The rifle uses a powerful cartridge 12,7 on 107 mm (as a machine gun, and specialized sniper), her sighting range, According to the manufacturer, is 1800 m. Power SALT stores 96 is carried out on five rounds. The rifle stands at the Ministry of Defense arms, Interior Ministry and FSB of Russia.

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