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The weakest link: NATO unhappy with the state of the Norwegian Army

Leaders of NATO is putting pressure on Norway, requiring renovation and strengthening of the Army, According to the newspaper Klassekampen.

Слабое звено: в НАТО недовольны состоянием норвежской армии

Referring to NATO documents, found themselves at its disposal, newspaper writes, that the Secretary General of the organization, Jens Stoltenberg, who was previously the head of the Norwegian government, requires Oslo modernize tanks Leopard 2A4, produced in Germany in the late 1980s. Machines are in service with the army with 2000 of the year.

As noted in the article,, modernization will translate large formations of the Norwegian army - brigade "Nur" - of the medium infantry brigades (Classification alliance) in heavy.

Another requirement Stoltenberg - increase the number of land forces, which gradually decreased in recent years, reaching a current low of 8,5 thousand. human (excluding the reserve).

According to the newspaper, issue price of modernization - moderate (about 5 billion. kroons $ 610 million.). The country's budget will be mastered by the same amount without consequences for the economy. However, the government takes the issue into practice: Why do I need in Norway modernized and enlarged the army, for what purpose? Apparently, Cabinet wants to hear from Stoltenberg and internal opposition more detailed answer to this question.

Author of the article reminded, that the updating of the army was raised by the NATO Secretary General on the background of the conflict between the Government of Norway and the opposition, reproachful current government of delaying a long-planned modernization of tanks and purchase of new military equipment.



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