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How to erase and store the sleeping bag

How to erase and store the sleeping bag

First of all I must say, that sleeping bags are not very fond of washing. This equally applies to the synthetic, and down. At each wash insulation material is slightly wrinkled and loses its insulation capacity. Therefore wash sleeping bags try as little as possible. Usually, no more than once a year.

If this state of affairs is unacceptable to you, you can insert into your sleeping bag liner, which will play the role of the sheets . It without any remorse can be washed after each departure of the nature.

wash sleeping bag: 1. Required conventional washing machine with front loading . For the bulk of autumn and winter sleeping bags, it is desirable that it is large enough, calculated on 6-7 kg of laundry. If the machine is not suitable or the bag is very old and threatens raspolztis seams, you can wash it by hand. This is troublesome, but the most gentle way.

2. For washing synthetic sleeping bag can take a small amount of conventional washing powder / liquid desirable. any, the main thing that it did not contain bleaches and conditioners. But for washing down, it is desirable to use only special cleaners, that will not wash out of his natural "crow" fats, a feather to help maintain their elasticity. Of the most accessible in our country is: Nikwax Down Wash , Granger’s Down Cleaner или ReviveX Down Cleaner. They are quite often found in the large tourist shops.

3. Fully unzip the sleeping bag and will turn it inside out. The thing is, that the outer shell of the sleeping bag, usually, much worse is permeable to water, than its lining. This is especially true for sleeping bags Extreme series, wherein as the shell membrane tissue light used.

4. Install the washing machine on a delicate wash at 30 ° C mode, no spin.
If there is such a possibility, just add the "extra rinse", to all of the powder has been washed out of the sleeping bag is guaranteed.

5. After the washing is complete, Leave a sleeping bag in the car on the floor even hours, from it to the main part of water glass. Then lift it outwards. When dostavaniya should exercise caution, because the sleeping bag is heavy enough and now it is easy to damage the internal partitions, made of very thin material. Unacceptable squeeze or twisting sleeping bag.

6. Now, patience. Sleeping decomposed drying. Away from batteries and other sources of heat. If it keeps falling, under it can podstelit several newspapers or a towel. To dry completely synthetic sleeping bag takes an average of about one day. Down sleeping bags are dry for much longer, from 2 to 5 days. Since lint during washing straying into solid lumps in the corners of down packet , must be approached from time to time and "razdergivat" him, helping him thus quickly dry out and crack down.

7. After sleeping bag is completely dry, it can be removed for storage.

How to store a sleeping bag

Firstly, upon returning home sleeping bag, it is desirable to spread out to dry. This will not only remove it for storage is guaranteed to dry, which it is very important especially for down bags, but also give him properly ventilate and get rid of odors marching.

To sleeping served for many years, it needs to be stored in the expanded state. Yes, it requires a bit more space in the closet, but the only way to ensure his longevity. The thing is, that the duration of the compression and fuzz, and synthetic insulation gradually lose their elasticity, and with it the ability fluffs, "Inflating" the sleeping bag. simply put, sleeping becomes colder, what it was originally.