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Overcoming barbed wire

Wire fences are most often used for fencing obektov.Etot view obstacles is widely used also as anti barriers at plumbing installations defensive lines (areas, strongholds, positions). Very often barbed wire can be enhanced mine-laying.

For the device of the enemy barbed wire instructions recommend using wooden stakes diameter 3-4 inch (7,5-10 cm), length 5-7 feet (1,5-2,1 m) and special screw-in ground metal pins of different lengths.
The most common wire entanglements are NATO: reinforced wire fence with the distances between staves 2, 4, 6 steps, three-row standard spiral, spring spiral and combining them. For the protection of important installations typically used standard NATO fence. The enemy may use and portable wire fences (slingshot, spiral "Bruno", subtle barbed wire).

To overcome the barbed wire was doing passages. The passages can be done and interrupting wire or knife edge shovels about stakes, pulling and holding the wire with the other hand. Wire barrier can be overcome by thrown over his mat of reeds or straw, boards, remoter, stairways, overcoats.

Electrified barbed wire are detected by means of special funds. In the absence of such barriers can be determined elektrizovannnye:
- by their appearance (presence on the stakes insulators, plasty, rubber, burnt grass at the barricades, night noticeable spark, slips on a wire in contact with her grass);
- spraying distance piece of the wire thus, to one end down to the wire, and the other - on the ground (in wet soil or grassy cover create sparks and smoke);
- using telephone, for which a right angle to the fence make two ground: one - no closer 5 m, the other - at a distance 50-200 m. When connecting them with telephone cable in the phone heard the buzz;
- gently touch the wires ripped a tuft of grass or raw cane. If the wire fence is energized, you feel weak punch, but avoid defeat.
The simplest wire electrified fence overcome by digging, arrange for such a fence. In dry and devoid of vegetation ground digging depth from the ground surface must be not less than 0.6m, and width - not less - 0,75 m. Special electrified barbed wire high voltage can not be overcome in such a way.

Subtle barbed wire (MCR), if they are strengthened mine-laying, overcome by stripping their parts or their outline for improvised (boards, matt, remoter, etc.). For stripping the minimum wage is necessary to throw him a cat or a solid gnarled stick with a rope tied to it. Pull the rope you need for shelter, or lying on the ground, to avoid defeat, if the minimum wage mined.

For testing various ways to overcome the barbed wire it is advisable to have in the arrangement of the special area.



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