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Igor Strelkov: A little about “Wagnere”


Met an old friend today, who completed their one-year contract with a PMC “Wagner”.
In the same company, which, storming (instead of Syrians) Deir Ezzor Enormous, was surrounded, lost more than half of its personnel, two company commanders and all platoon commanders. I will not give the company number, but all, Who “I know” – they already know him.

Heard nothing particularly new. Except that, some specifics on losses “Wagner” over the past year (at the end of November – 210 “two hundredth” and three times more “three hundredth” – and, more specifically, in the infantry of this PMC “every fifth” “doubled”.
Not sure, by the way, what is this statistic – total.

Comrade participated in the assault on Sukhna, Deir ez-Zor and a few more “voiced” in our “liar-media” settlements. Was submitted to “Silver Cross” (second degree “Wagner's” honors) and the state award of the Russian Federation. Neither, no other, however, not received.
Told a lot.
Especially amused: Availability “shooter phobia” with “spy mania” complete. It turns out, these morons (led by widely known in narrow circles “Boris Borisovich”) tried to identify “agents I sent”.
Laughed almost to tears. Well not idiots? What shishi would I send “agents” in their PMCs? And do I need it at all? But such questions simply do not come to the heads of my former colleagues.… it “school”…

If they were human to their own subordinates, the “nondisclosure subscriptions” would work much better than any “counterintelligence”. And – YOU (sure, read) ALWAYS WILL LOSE TO ME in this plan. Just because, what people, who worked with me, remember my attitude towards them and have the opportunity to compare with your. Svinsky and consumer.
And I don't have to give to someone “intelligence missions” and generally send someone to you… They'll tell me everything anyway. Even without a special request and completely selflessly.

For other interesting details (the, which I deem necessary and possible to announce) – write off “how the card will fall”. Likely – not a separate topic (I'm not interested in gossiping on the block), a “by the way” in response to current events in Syria.

In the meantime, just note, what, according to the source, the number of the military contingent of the Russian Federation (like sun, and PMCs) not only does not decrease, but also constantly increasing. what, however, not news to me – once again confirms information from other sources.
AND, “for a snack” – confidant “probably confirmed”, that the first batch “Wagner” ALREADY SENT TO SUDAN. And one more – preparing to go to the Central African Republic. Such is the geography of nanogenous madness..


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