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ABC of survival


the fire 5
A fire without matches 6
Lens 7
Powder from the cartridge 7
Kremen 7
Fire onions 7
The rotation of the rod arms 7
types of fires 8
Koster "well" 8
Bonfire of the "star" 8
taiga fire 9
Koster "Polynesian" 9
burrowing fire 9
Koster "hotbed 10
» 10
Bonfire of the three logs - "nodya" 10
Orientation in unfamiliar terrain 10
Evaluation of the distance and time 12
Determination of distance steps 12
estimate of the distance of audible sound 13
Table audibility different sounds 14
Evaluation time 14
Weather 15
Resistance characteristics of clear weather 15
Signs of change in the fair weather cloudy 15
Signs of inclement weather resistant 16
Signs of change inclement weather to clear 16
hemostasis 18
Plait and twist 19
Regulations imposing bandages 20
bruises, sprain, sprains 22
fractures 22
Splint bandage on his shoulder 23
Splint bandage on forearm 23
Splint bandage on his thigh 23
Splint bandage on shin 23
At the turn of the nasal bone 23
At the turn of the mandible 24
When clavicle fracture 24
At the turn of the ribs 24
When vertebral fractures 24
At the turn of the bones of the hand and fingers 24
At the turn of the bones of the foot and toes 24
At the turn of the pelvic bones 24
burns 24
freezing injury 25
Fainting, heat and sunstroke 26
Electric shock 27
Help drowning 28
Rescue breathing and chest compressions 29
Poisoning technical liquids 30
Poisoning with methyl alcohol 30
antifreeze poisoning 30
dichloroethane poisoning 30
tetraethyl lead poisoning 31
Poisoning by various kinds of gasoline 31
First aid for poisoning technical liquids 31
First aid for alcohol poisoning 32
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 32
First aid for bites of poisonous snakes and insects 32
If you are stung by a bee, wasp 33


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