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PMC commander Wagner headed the restaurant holding Eugene Prigogine

Dmitry V. Utkin – full namesake of the alleged commander of PMC Wagner – I became 14 November 2017 , the general manager of “Concord Management and Consulting”, evidence base data “SPARK-Interfax”. In this position he was succeeded by Anastasia Sautin.

According to RBC with reference to a source close to the businessman Eugene Prigogine (business owner), it is just about the alleged commander of PMC Wagner.

Ltd “Concord Management and Consulting”, on the company's website, part of the Civil Code “Concord” (co-owner of the St. Petersburg businessman Eugene Prigogine). The company is a managing company of the restaurant holding Prigogine. It owns several restaurants in Moscow (Restaurant-ship River Palace) and St. Petersburg (“Russian Ampir”, “Russian kitsch”, Polenta), as well as a network of boutiques “Chocolate Museum”. Besides, “Concord Management and Consulting” is building a village “North Versailles” near St. Petersburg. “As planned it will be a palace and park ensemble in the spirit of the residences of the monarchs of the past centuries”, - says on its Web site.

Petersburg edition “Fontanka” Utkin repeatedly called the commander of a private military company Wagner. First, as the sources told RBC, Group Wagner appeared in the Middle East shortly before, as Russia became officially deploy its military bases in Syria. In the group were almost 2,5 thousand. On the participation of PMCs Wagner in the first Syrian campaign announced “Fontanka” in October 2015 of the year. allegedly “Fontanka” и The Wall Street Journal, Wagner fighters also took part in the fighting in the south-east of Ukraine on the side of the DNI and LC.



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