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AK-74 automatic

AK-74 automatic

Automatic carbine AK-74 (GRAU index - 6P20) caliber 5,45 mm, developed in the 1970 by designer MT. Kalashnikov, It was adopted by the armed forces of the USSR 1974 year. It is a further development of the AKM.

In the 1970s,, following the NATO countries, The USSR took the path of transfer of small arms on maloimpulsnogo cartridges with reduced-caliber bullets to facilitate wearable ammunition (for 8 stores caliber cartridge 5,45 mm gives a weight saving of 1,4 kg) and reduce, it was thought, "Excess" capacity 7.62-mm cartridge. AT 1974 he was adopted by a complex of weapons chambered for 5.45 × 39 mm, consisting of AK-74 and RPK machine gun 74, and later (1979 year) complemented by small-sized AKS-74U, designed for use in niche, in which Western armies occupied submachine guns, and in recent years - the so-called PDW.

AK-74 automatic

The main differences from its predecessor

  • new cartridge caliber 5,45 × 39 mm (instead of 7,62 × 39 mm), having a flatness of bullet trajectory, It is resulting in an increase in blank range 100 m, and lighter (weight savings 1,4 kg when I wear the boekomplekte 8 shops);
  • new muzzle brake-compensator, serves to enhance the accuracy of the battle and reduce the impact of energy;
  • Shop from light and durable plastic.

At issue machines 1974-1986's butt and handguard are made of wood. FROM 1986 year they began to produce of black plastic. On the wooden butts on both sides of the longitudinal grooves have been made to facilitate the total weight of the machine. They continue to do, and on the plastic butt.

Possible to use a grenade launcher with SE-25 or SE-30 or SE-34.

Accuracy of automatic fire improved from AKM almost 2 fold (linear dimensions). Accuracy of a single lamp - approximately 50 %.

Sighting range AK 74 is:

According to the single ground and air targets - 500 m;

Against ground targets a group - 1000 m.

Blank range:

  • On the chest figure - 440 m;
  • According to the growth figure - 625 m.

AK-74 automatic

Normal battlefield requirements for AK74

  • All four holes fit in a circle with a diameter 15 cm at a distance 100 m.
  • middle point deviates from entering the control points are not more than 5 cm in any direction.

Checking the firing battle is performed on the check target single or black rectangle height 35 cm and a width 25 cm, fortified white panel height 1 m and width 0,5 m. Firing range - 100 m, position - lying with the stop, without the bayonet-knife, cartridges - with an ordinary bullet, sight - 3.

Generally, one can note a significant improvement in the accuracy of fire in relation to the AKM and the more AK. As an example, consider the total mean deviation in the range 800 m (vertical and width directions, respectively,):

WHITE - 76 and 89 cm.

SKS - 47 and 34 cm.

AKM - 64 and 90 cm.

AK-74 - 48 and 64 cm.

Variants of the Kalashnikov assault rifle

AK-74 - the main option.

File-74 (GRAU index - 6P21) - AK74 embodiment with a folding metal stock laterally triangular shaped. Designed for use in airborne troops (Machine with non-folding butt can not be conveniently and safely positioned in the harness of the parachute system).

AK-74N - "night" version of the AK-74 with a side bar for mounting night sights.

AKS-74N - "night" version of the folding AKS-74, with a side bar for mounting night sights.

AK-74M - AK74 modernized.

types of Kalashnikovs

used cartridges

  • 7F6 (1974 city, bullet with steel core, lead jacket and a bimetallic shell).
  • 7N10 (1992 city, bullet high penetration, thermal hardening of the core with). Armor Penetration - 16 mm distance 100 m.
  • 7U1 (subsonic bullet silencer).
  • 7H22 (1998 city, armor-piercing bullet core, high carbon steel U12A manufactured by cutting followed by grinding ogive). Armor Penetration - 5 mm distance 250 m (brand 2P), at 1,9 times better 7N6.
  • 7N24 (high accuracy of manufacturing, thermostrengthening tungsten carbide core)

The bullet from a steel core 5.45 mm cartridge is fired from AK74 breakdown provides the following effect[Source Unknown 1165 days]:

The breaking probability 50 % thick steel sheets:

  • 2 mm at a distance 950 m;
  • 3 mm at a distance 670 m;
  • 5 mm at a distance 350 m.

The breaking probability 80-90 % steel helmet at a distance 800 m;

The breaking probability 75-100 % Body armor distance 550 m;

Penetration of 50-60 cm in the parapet of the hard-packed snow on the course 400 m;

The penetration of 20-25 cm in the earthen barrier of compacted loam soil at a distance 400 m;

The breaking probability 50 % wall of the dry pine boards section of 20x20 cm at a distance 650 m;

Penetration of 10-12 cm in the masonry at a distance 100 m.

AT 1986 year, the new bullets with termouprochnonnym core high hardness have been developed, providing a significant increase in the breakdown of the: A new bullet pierces a steel helmet at a distance 960 m, a bulletproof vest with titanium plates - at a distance 200 m.

The next improvement of bullets 1992 year again increased the armor (Army vest ZH85-T breaks at a distance 200 m, and heavy ZH95-K - at a distance 50 m) at a constant initial speed. The new cartridge, superior in armor penetration in 7N6 1,84 fold, received index 7N10. 7H10 provides penetration 16 mm at a distance 100 m.


High reliability in harsh conditions. Simplicity and low cost in production. In an embodiment of the AK-74M - Support for the installation of modern tactical and sighting devices, that is essentially a way of upgrading the machine, and support for double-row box magazines of similar Steyr AUG, made of impact-resistant plastic, the side gusset of a transparent polymer, for visual inspection of the amount of ammunition in store.

Since one of the reasons for the AK-74 has been changed caliber gun used cartridge, to 7,62 × 39 mm to 5,45 × 39 mm, Weapon has less recoil and a correspondingly greater shooting accuracy, a flat trajectory of a bullet.


In comparison with US carbine M4A1, AK-74 has a lower accuracy by a single fire.

In comparison with the weapon with a balanced automatics AEK-971, AK-107 and AK-108 /, AK-74 is 1.5-2 times lower accuracy of fire bursts of unstable positions.

In the AK-74 is not possible to quickly change the barrel, like the FN SCAR, Steyr AUG, HK 416, и Bushmaster ACR; as well as the shooting mode queues of fixed length, which was later added to the machines' hundredth series "AK101-2, AK102-2, AK103-2, AK104-2, AK105-2.

The rest of the advantages and disadvantages are similar to those for the whole family AK.

Technical characteristics of the AK-74

  • Caliber: 5,45×39
  • Length weapons: 940 mm
  • barrel length: 415 mm
  • Empty weight: 3,3 kg.
  • Rate of fire: 600 rds. / min
  • magazine capacity: 30 rounds
  • Sighting range: 1000 m

Technical characteristics of the AKS-74

  • Caliber: 5,45×39
  • Length weapons: 940/700 mm
  • barrel length: 415 mm
  • Empty weight: 3,4 kg.
  • Rate of fire: 600 rds. / min
  • magazine capacity: 30 rounds




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