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Pistolet OC-27 Berdys

Pistolet OC-27 Berdys

In the early '90s at the Tula TsKIB COO (Central KB Sporting Arms) It began to develop a new army pistol, capable after replacing the barrel and magazine to use different types of ammunition (7,62x25 mm TT, 9h18 mm PM, 9h19 mm Parabellum). Development Stechkin pistol engaged I.YA. Avramov and B.V..

The gun was designated OTs-27 "Berdysh". In April 1994 at the exhibition "Milipol Moscow-94" was shown to the public.

Pistolet OC-27 Berdys

Pistol OTs-27 self-loading, Automatic uses energy efficiency in the blowback. The spring is located around the barrel, the bottom of the gate is a special return damper. The barrel has an integral feed ramp, and a quick-release, making it easy to change the caliber of weapons. The weapon is almost completely made of steel, plastic handle casing. fuse double-sided, Located at the gate, and has three positions. Bottom - "fire", mean - "fuse included" (drummer, the trigger and the bolt locked), top - "safe descent trigger" (after the shutter trigger safety lock automatically returns to the center position).

Pistolet OC-27 Berdys

Bilateral placement of fuse flag makes a convenient weapon for firing right and left hand. Sights are open, fixed. Under the barrel on a guide frame formed for mounting the flashlight or laser pointer. The position of the ejector gives an indication of the presence of a cartridge in the chamber. Release of spent cartridges is carried right up. Handgun trigger guard has a stop for the finger of the second hand. To use the pistol holster belt is provided with a valve. It is relatively easy, easy to hold, and the simplicity of "change of gauge" extends its capabilities significantly.

Pistolet OC-27 Berdys

Currently OC-27 guns manufactured and offered in two embodiments, PCU (OC-27 mm caliber 9h18 PM and OC-27-2 mm caliber 9h19), Besides, they are in small numbers are in service with various units of the Ministry of Interior. In general, the pistol OTs-27, compared with the older gun Steckin MTA has a simple and reliable design and somewhat better ergonomics, and in embodiment chambered 9x19 MTA also superior in power.

Pistolet OC-27 Berdys

Caliber 7,62 mm, 9 mm

9x18 mm ammunition PM, PMM (9h19 mm "parabellum", 7,62x25 mm TT)

Weight unloaded weapons 0,81 kg

Weight with loaded magazine 1,08 kg

Length weapons 200 mm

barrel length 240 mm

Height 143 mm

Muzzle velocity 320-425 m / s (depending on the cartridge)

Food 18 (15) rounds

Effective range 50 mm


Pistolet OC-27 Berdys


OC-27 "Berdys" – Best gun battle Russia.