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Pistolet OC-35

Pistolet OC-35

In the Tula-based MTR TsKIB PM pistol Designer Hells AB. A modification of the OC-35, from which it is possible to fire both bullets PM, and PMM.

modernizing the need arose in connection with the, that passed the gun PM new cartridge 9x18 mm PMM was too powerful for him and because of the high loads, appearing in the shot, PM staff relatively quickly fail.

Pistolet OC-35

OC-35 differs from the regular pistol PM first of all, in order to ensure reliable operation and stability mechanisms automatic weapons firing new cartridge on the front of the shutter-casing-mounted brake compensator length 18 mm. High efficiency brake-compensator can quickly restore accurate aiming for another shot at intensive shooting. Design features of this brake-compensator is, it with minimal cost and can be installed on the old model gun PM.

Pistolet OC-35

According to the main sites and mechanisms OTs-35 is unified with a pistol PM. It also has automatic mechanisms, acting through the use of the recoil energy-shutter casing. Return spring-shutter casing is fitted on the barrel. The impact mechanism hammer type with open trigger and dvuperoy mainspring, located in the handle back of the store. The trigger mechanism allows firing only single shots. Metal parts are made of stainless steel and the arms blueing subjected to corrosion protection.

Protection from accidental shots provided non-automatic fuse, box which is located on the left-shutter casing, in the back part. In the closed position it locks the trigger and the bolt frame.

Pistolet OC-35

The gun is designed for the high-modernized chuck 9x18 mm PMM (57-H-181 C), which the, no different in size from the regular cartridge 9x18 mm PM, It has an increased breakdown and stopping power. When firing the new cartridge is the initial velocity of the bullet 425 m / s compared with 315 m / s Bullet regular cartridge 9x18 mm PM. At a distance of 20 meters it is hit steel sheet thickness 3 mm, car body, ricochets not at the meeting corner 15-20 degrees. At a distance of 10 m provided manpower defeat, Army body armor protected the sample. Stock is made from full-capacity store gun PM 8 rounds.

Sights - unregulated. They include front and rear sights.

Caliber 9 mm

Patron mm 9h18 PM,9h18 mm PMM

Empty weight 0,77 kg

Weight with loaded magazine 0,85 kg

Length weapons 179 mm

Height 126,75 mm

Width 30,5 mm

barrel length 93 mm

groove 4 (dextral)

Muzzle velocity 420 m / s

combat rate 30 / m

magazine capacity 8 rounds

Effective range 50 m