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ATP gun, SR-1 "Vector", "Gyurza"

Elaboration of an ATP gun was started in the 90s in the Central Research Institute of Precise Mechanical Engineering (g. Klimov) designers Peter Serdyukov and Igor Belyaev chambered 9h21mm (SP-10) St. George A.. This model has been a major participant in the Army competition on "Rook". Pistol, formerly known as the index of RG055, "Gurza" and SR-1 "Vector" has been adopted in 2003 year in the Russian army and the Interior Ministry, under the symbol PCA (Self-loading Pistol Serdyukov). To 2003 , SFOR is adopting Russian law enforcement agencies under the designation SR-1 "Vector" 1996 year.

The principle of operation is based on using automatic short recoil barrel and hard during locking swingable in a vertical plane larvae, located under the barrel. Shock trigger mechanism double action, with half-open hammer, available to the platoon thumb holding hands.

SPS has two automatic fuse, one is designed as a key, located on the back side of the handle, the other is located on the trigger.

Now the arrow did not have to spend time on the removal of the gun from the guard, This design provides a constant combat readiness of weapons and security handling.

Pistol frame made of steel. The handle and trigger guard is in one piece and is made of durable plastic, with a slightly rough surface. Increased the size of the trigger guard, that allows shooting in tight gloves.

The sighting device is placed on the shutter-casing. Standing pillar with a rectangular slot and fly, not giving glare in the direction of the rear sight. On the rear sight and front sight mounted white inserts, making it easier to aim at dusk. It is possible to mount flashlight and laser pointer.

Used for firing cartridges SP-10 and SP-11, Specially designed for SPS. pistol cartridge - 9x21 (index CRI Precise Mechanical Engineering - RG052) It is a brand new development, to-date on the penetration of various barriers. The cartridge is designed as a leading engineer Alexey Yuriev. The cartridge provides for ranges of up to 100 m probivanie bronezhiletov, containing one or two thick titanium plate 1,4 mm 30 layers of Kevlar. At a distance of 50 m pistol bullet hit the steel sheet thickness 4 mm. It is also capable to punch block automotive engine cylinder heads.

By stopping action bullet cartridge pistol cartridges is superior to similar domestic and foreign production in 1,3-1,8 fold. After adopting patron RG-052 given the official name of the SP-10. Power is supplied from a box magazine for 18 rounds, with their staggered, not protruding from the handle. magazine body has a series of holes, facilitate and enable it to determine the number of rounds in it.

SPS is intended to destroy live targets in flak jackets I, II and III protection classes (type M-81, F-86-2), corresponding foreign standards NILECJ-STD-0101.01 and MIL-C- 44050, as well as various technical means (vehicles, booths antennas and radar systems, Missile casings etc.) at ranges up to 100 m.

The gun works reliably in a variety of environments, in the temperature range from - 50 C to 50 C.


Disassembly-assembly of the self-loading pistol Serdyukov SPS:

For cleaning the gun and inspection is carried out partially disassembled gun. Partial disassembly is performed without the use of special tools. To do this,:

1. Put the stop valve. Hold the gun with nesnaryazhonnym store the handle, take the bolt in the rear position. Check, whether there is no cartridge in the chamber. shutter release, make controlling the descent hammers.

2. Remove the magazine. Hold the handle of the gun, press the button with the thumb latch and store, holding the store with the other hand for the cover, remove it from the handle.

3. Separate the receiver delay. Turning it into 90º counterclockwise, remove from the frame.

4. separate gate. Remove the bolt from the slide stop and, sliding it forward, separate from the frame.

5. To disconnect the barrel from the shutter. Hold down the shutter, the thumb of the other hand to drown the protruding part and the wedge, promoting the trunk slightly forward, separate it from the shutter.

6. Remove the stem from the return spring with a focus.

7. Separate from the trunk closer.

Note: If shops kitted bullets, it is necessary for disassembly:

1. Remove the magazine.

2. Take the bolt back and left arm, holding it in the rear position, separate receiver delay.

the gun assembly after partial disassembly in the reverse order.

Caliber 9 mm
Patron 9h21 mm SP-10, SP-11

Empty weight 0,99 kg
curb weight 1,18 kg
Length weapons 200 mm
barrel length 120 mm
Height 145 mm
Width 30 mm
Muzzle velocity 410 m / s (7N29)
combat rate 36 / m
magazine capacity 18 rounds
Effective range 100 m


pistol CP 1 Vector, Gyurza


pistol CP 1 Vector




  • anonym

    Thanks for the informative article.! Shot from this - a powerful pistol). The upgraded version of the CP1M sits much more comfortably in the hand, shooting is more comfortable. If anyone is interested - Operation Manual Pistol SR1M -, can be downloaded or read online

    09.07.2021 at 18:55 Reply
  • anonym

    Safe handling of the gun is ensured by two automatic fuses. One of them, located on the back of the pistol grip, blocks, še ** alo, second, trigger-mounted, stops the trigger. The expediency of having such fuses on the pistol is justified by the following.

    09.01.2021 at 14:22 Reply
  • anonym

    Visually looks is not enough clearance for the finger- between the trigger and the bottom of the frame, where the finger is pushed…

    30.08.2018 at 03:54 Reply