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Pistol OTs-21 Malysh

Pistol OTs-21 Baby is designed to engage the enemy at short distances. Compact self-loading pistol OTs-21 Baby was developed in TsKIB COO Yury Ivanovich Berezin in the mid 90s. As used constructor munition 9 mm cartridge PM.

The OC-21, there are no protruding parts, and its width is only 2 cm. This has been achieved, abolishing the safety devices and making the trigger, front and rear sights hidden. Little Automation works by free slide recoil, the center of gravity which is located much closer to the handle, than, eg, and the PM, Consequently, overturning moment during shooting is not as significant.

Ammunition supplied from the single-row box magazine for 5 rounds. Like most of the other samples of domestic small arms, Kid easy to handle, and partially disassembled without tools. Minimum guaranteed resource pistol works is fifteen hundred shots. Despite, that there is no fuse in the Kid structure, experts TsKIB owner guarantee security in the use of weapons. Safety in handling is achieved by the presence of only self-cocking the trigger hammer concealed and a relatively large force descent (6 kg).

Sights simple Toddler, rear sight and the front sight inside the shallow trench at the top of the shutter. As for accuracy, then when shooting at a distance 10 m holes fit in a circle with a diameter of six centimeters. According YI. Berezin, at a distance 25 m pistol also shows good results. However, such a weapon at a distance of more than 10 m almost never used. Radius dispersion results at a range of 10 m is 60 mm. The standard version of the gun body oxidized, a deluxe nickel.

Dimensions pistol OTs-21 permit to carry a weapon where and how you want in the pockets of your trousers or jacket, a handbag or a small holster. Find the Toddler can only be a thorough search. Perhaps, of all samples pistols of this type is the most successful, both in its design, and in terms of minimum size. Regarding the dimensions, it is enough to compare the width of the housing-gate Toddler and PM, with the same length and diameter of the cartridge at this size on Toddler 4 mm less (20 mm vs. 25 the PM). The handle has a bend at the rear face of the fleshy part of the palm. Plastic cover plate shop gives support to the little finger shooting hand. Latch shop is placed at the bottom of the handle.

All these qualities combined with large caliber and always ready to fire attracted the attention of the OC-21 special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

For arming private security personnel, as well as organizations with special assignments, produced BMP-gun 21C. Unlike BMP-21 is applied Ammunition - in the OC-21C used cartridge 9 x 17 mm.

Caliber 9 mm
Patron 9 × 18 mm PM

Empty weight 0,565 kg
Length 126 mm
Height 100 mm
Width 20 mm
barrel length 63,5 mm
The initial rate of rubber bullets 275 m / s
magazine capacity 5 rounds
Effective range 25 m



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