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pistol APB (AO-44)

Automatic silent pistol APB (6P13 index, AO-44) It was developed in the early 1970s and adopted in 1972 year for weapons intelligence, and special units of the Soviet Army and members of special units of the Interior Ministry and the KGB. Pistol APB widely and successfully used by Soviet troops in Afghanistan, It used it and still.

It is necessary to emphasize, that due to the large mass of weapons, combined with the relatively weak cartridge, silencer and butt of the gun allows you to APB from his automatic fire in short bursts with fairly high accuracy and precision, reliably hitting targets at a distance 25 – 50 m.

It should be borne in mind, unlike special pistols type SME or C-4M pistol APB is not completely silent. The sound of his shots though and is much quieter, than the usual sound of the shot gun caliber 9mm, Nevertheless, the volume is comparable with the sound of a shot small-caliber pistol, although slightly different from his tone. Use of the silencer in this case allows only complicate detection shooter, but not completely hide the fact shot, at least for small distances.

From a technical point of view APB pistols are modifications automatic pistol Steckin MTA, and executed by tampering with pistols APS release 1950s. In this way, APB has retained all the mechanisms of APS, including translator fire mode and rate of fire retardant in the handle.

To install a silencer on the barrel wears a special tube, projecting forward from the shutter. On front of the tube are made for quick installation fastening muffler. Barrel of the gun has two sets of orifices, done in the chamber area and closer to the muzzle. Through these holes a part of the propellant gases from the barrel into the tube removed, and through it - in muffler, thus reducing the muzzle velocity below the velocity of sound. The silencer is formed by an expansion circuit, therein are 4 steel baffles with holes for bullets, combined into a single unit. Uncomfortable and heavy holster pistol-butt APS replaced by lightweight detachable butt, made of steel wire. The gun is carried in a special leather holster, stock with attached thereto for carrying a silencer is carried in a special haversack.

Caliber 9 mm
Patron mm 9h18 PM

Empty weight 1,02 kg
Weight with loaded magazine 1,22 kg
Weight with loaded magazine and silencer 1,65 kg
Weight muffler 0,4 kg
Mass wire butt 0,2 kg
gun Length 257 mm
Length with a silencer and butt 780 mm
Height 150 mm
Width 36,5 mm
barrel length 143 mm
The length of the sighting 185 mm

number of grooves 4 pravostoronnih
Muzzle velocity 290 m / s
Rate of fire 700-750 / m
rate queues 60 / m
Rate in single player mode 30 / m
magazine capacity 20 rounds
Effective range up to 150 m



AO-44 (APS)


APB (AO-44 or 6P13). Silent SWAT weapons





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3 years ago

I had such pistols in the reconnaissance battalion(chief of radwaste 347 ORB 1985-1989).No need to chat,the shot is almost inaudible. The shot was determined by the haze from under the trigger.