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TK pistol Korovin

Gun TC was established in 1926 g. Sergei Alexandrovich Korovin (1884-1946) chambered 6,35 mm "Browning". Especially for this gun was designed cartridge of the same caliber and enhanced charge of gunpowder. Pistol TK replaced popular before his appearance gun Browning obr.1906 g. In close thereto TC has dimensions greater muzzle energy, increasing the number of cartridges in the magazine, a more comfortable grip, best sighting device and a conveniently located fuse. Outwardly, it looks like a gun Mauser mod. 1910 g. TC issued with a pistol 1926 by 1935 gg.

I thought the gun as a civilian, for self-defense, However, the military decided to make TK personal weapon of senior commanders of the Red Army. In this way, pistol Korovin became the first self-loading pistol, adopted by the Red Army. Automatic gun operates by using free shutter with stationary barrel recoil. USM impact type, single action. Non-automatic safety lever (locks the trigger), located on the left side of the frame. On the slide stop, to the right on the frame, cover-gate can only be made by hand. Meals made from single-row detachable box magazine on 8 rounds, located in the handle. The pistol has a small size and weight, which makes it convenient for long concealed carry. The store on the sides there are holes, allowing to check the number of rounds. The sight is permanent open consists of front and rear sights. Despite the short sighting line and the small knob, gun due to a successful arrangement and shape of the handle, it provides a reliable hold, It has good marksmanship. "Soft" descent and absence of the trigger, striking the frame of the gun at the time of charging, positive impact on the accuracy of shooting. Gun stain resistant, reliable in operation. Simplicity of design allows you to make minor repairs on their own weapons. Breakdown action bullets: when shooting with 25 m thick pine boards package 2,5 cm with an interval of 7,5 See all the bullets pierce 2,5 boards.


Partial disassembly and assembly
1. Remove the magazine from the grip.
2. Pull back the cover-gate and put him to stop, by clicking on the stop head.
3. Pull the fuse out of the nest frame.
4. Push the barrel out of the grooves frame back and separated from the frame.
5. Separate housing-bolt from the frame.
6. Separate return spring.
7. Separate the rod return spring.
the gun assembly is done in reverse order.

Complete disassembly and reassembly
1. Perform a partial disassembly of the gun.
2. To separate the hammer from the mainspring.
3. Separate the handle casing, turning them with a screwdriver constipation.
4. Separate the trigger from trigger pull, knocking pin.
5. Separate the lamellar plate, knocking their stud.
6. Separate the magazine catch, knocking her stud.
7. separate sear, knocking his stud.
the gun assembly is done in reverse order.

Caliber 6,35 mm

curb weight 0,48 kg
The weight of the loaded gun 0,41 kg
shop Weight unloaded 0,033 g
Length 127 mm
The height of the gun 98 mm
Width 24 mm
barrel length 67,5 mm
The length of the threaded portion of the barrel 52 mm
Narezov 6
practical rate 25-30 / m
curb weight 480 g
The weight of the loaded gun 410 g
shop Weight unloaded 33 g
Muzzle velocity 228 м/c
Muzzle energy 104Dzh
magazine capacity 8 rounds
Effective range 25 m





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