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Pistolet PMM

In the early '90s we tried to improve the quality of the PM, primarily due to the introduction of the new, strengthened (high-momentum) cartridge 9x18 mm PM-M (57N181SM). Under the new cartridge BM. Shoulders and R. D. Shigapova created PMM ("Makarov pistol modernized"), mass-produced with 1994 g. Outwardly, it features increased plastic handle more convenient form. At the back end of the handle is made a notch for a more secure hold. PMM can be equipped with single-row magazine for 8 or on the two-lane 12 rounds. The increase in capacity over the shop 10 rounds typical for modern combat pistols.

Smooth Transition DIP shop at the top of the neck to the single-row is not allowed to alter the store's Nest and the shutter. Three helical grooves on the chamber walls made it possible to use high-momentum and the old cartridges, despite the variation of the maximum pressure of propellant gases in the barrel. magazine cover extends slightly forward, that gives support to the palm and may slightly accelerate reloading. Maximum pressure in the channel barrel gun with a new cartridge has increased by 15%. In this way, cartridge power and the harmful effect approached 9x19 mm "pistol" without substantially increasing the pressure and impact energy. Yet the high-equip ammunition PMM staff can not be PM,it is not designed for such propellant gas pressure. Due to greater gas pressure at the muzzle 20% increased and the acoustic load is shooting a new cartridge. PMM is already in use in the Interior Ministry.

IMZ manufactures export model PM - IL-70 ("Baikal"), different from the regular TM except sports type adjustable sight, although the "sports-target" dubious career PM.

Model IL-70-17A (Set-70-200), presented to the foreign market in 1994 g. It is performed under the cartridge .380 century.

IL-70 HC (Set-70-100) Store features on 10 cartridges and new - enlarged - cheeks handle. The exterior of the export IL-70 varied. Export "Makarov" has become quite popular, primarily because of its relative cheapness.

Reflected in the PM and the controversy surrounding "official" weapon. So, for private security agencies and security services, in front of, created "relaxed" to the requirements of the law (muzzle energy of not more than 300 J.) mm cartridge 9h17 "Kurtz" ("short") shortened by one millimeter liner, reduced by 0,25 mm bullets, posuti 9h17 mm chuck is one 380 century (or "Browning korotkogo») with a soft lead core bullet. This cartridge has transformed PM pistol in the "service" IL-71 - a cross between "combat" and "pocket" pistol. Weight of IL-71 is unloaded 0,73 kg, with loaded magazine - 0,81 kg. IL-71 is equipped with an enlarged handle on the store 10 rounds. Unlike the IL-70, IL-gun 71 has a constant sight. Izhevsk Designer II. IVSHYNA in 1993 g. PM presents a model chambered for 9x19 "Parabellum" (Set-70-400) slowing bore unlocking due to the helical grooves in the annular chamber. Gate-casing itself is weighted only 30 g.

Caliber 9 mm
Patron mm 9h18 PM / 9h18 mm PMM

Empty weight 0,76 kg
Weight with loaded magazine 0,86 kg
Length 165 mm
barrel length 93,5 mm
Width 34 mm
Height 127 mm
groove 4 (dextral)
Muzzle velocity 420 m / s
magazine capacity 12 rounds
Effective range 50 m


PMM Makarov pistol





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