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FROM combat experience "Raging company-viper": Intuitive shooting, SWAT School


I want to share their experience of personnel training "intuitive shooting". It can be useful platoon commanders, maximum company level, particularly involved in counter-terrorism operations. By using this technique, you can get a group, skillfully maneuvering, and most importantly - shoot at random without a miss, of any provisions, including the night of outbreaks, no night, sights.

AT 1996 was a fire in our group is very impressive its, and "spirits" so just drive in panic. Judge for yourself: average shooting - one hit on three single shots. Time, takes a shot, was 0,5 seconds. And no fiction. It's all for one month of intensive training. And, traditional technique of "smooth fly - smooth descent" does not prevent to develop a, the so-called "intuitive shooting".


First step. Machines are obtained in "normal battle" and from this moment do not give at armory! Automatic clock is at a fighter. This must be taken literally, i.e, or the machine will not let go, or worn in a position "to belt". goal: fighter has to get used to your arms, as a part of his body. It should not interfere with it in any daily activities. Control is discharged at the, naturally, constant. All attempts to "play war" should be stopped most cruelly. It's difficult, but probably.
Wearing position, convenient for shooting, replacement shop, Daily cleaning and lubrication, disassembly and assembly - all of which should be at the subconscious level, how to manipulate the spoon.

It must be remembered, that the full dismantling of the need to avoid - AKM (file) He does not like.

Second phase. A soldier must daily, several hundred times, toss machine-to-shoulder with the route guidance. First, he correctly applied, to accurately hit the butt plate in the shoulder groove, cheek touched the butt, rear sight and front sight exactly aligned. Particular attention should be paid to the correct rack: feet - shoulder-width, the right shoulder is raised, shoulder girdle tense, housing - in a half-turn to the target and slightly tilted forward. In this position, you need to stay for a few minutes, so that the muscles will "remember". When the stand is attached, planned goal (any point in space at the same level with the shooter) closed eyes, Weapon leaps smoothly to the shoulder in the direction of the target. At the time of the touch trigger pressed and opened right eye. "Smooth" is to fly to "hold" the goal. This movement is necessary to gradually accelerate, observing. In this case, the smoothness, usually, day in three or four regular exercise completely and safely fly "hold" goal, a time to "shot" spent no more 0,5 seconds.

The third stage. Exercise complicated: the goal is now at different heights, left, right and rear. As soon as his eyes caught a purpose - they immediately closed, body turns, Machine leaps and so on. From slow to fast. reversals methods for each individual soldier, to whom as conveniently.

The fourth stage. passes, usually, during execution of typical situations at the tactical and combatant lessons. "Shooting" is performed on the move. The main requirement - the movement must not be interrupted for a moment. No short stays. Even the shortest. This exercise is complicated by connecting acrobatics: somersaults, perekatы. You can not stay put for a moment. Each movement should be smooth, "Shooting" should not interrupt it. If you are someone took aim at, making a single stop - a wholly death, and continuity of movement gives you a chance. And accurate shooting this chance increases.

After each step, it is desirable to practical shooting. With this much is not required to shoot: 15-20 fired a single lamp is sufficient to secure the skill.

target, value not higher than a soccer ball, are set at different distances - from 15 to 150 m. fire on them initially conducted tracer bullets, each scout saw the trajectory of a bullet, its height. It should automatically, on the eye to determine the distance to the target and to "see" the aiming point, depending on the distance. On installation of the sight is not saying specifically, because no one simply looks at the pillar during the brief battle, and the ability to aim the enemy correctly, usually, does not give, wants to live, probably.

All these stages are, usually, for 15-20 days, rather the day, because the process is not interrupted even for a moment. And, it does not interfere with the observance of the daily routine. All scheduled classes do not interfere, but on the contrary, help speedy acquisition and development of skills of handling weapons in the subconscious, muscular level.

Very surprised themselves trained, when the tenth to the fifteenth day, during test firings, blindly fall into the cup from a distance under UZRGM 100 m. This fact gives: At first, Confidence in your strength, self-esteem, a, Secondly, introduces an element of competition among the soldiers.


The next and far more difficult stage is fire shakeup group. Among other things,, it is also a very risky, since the possibility of accidental contact of his, unexpected bounce and so on. To avoid this, interaction is necessary to work within the group until complete automatism. Trainings are held to "sweat", while the boys begin to feel each other's skin literally, Hail and not without looking back. All the typical construction of the group, action in a given situation with options, They should be worked out to full automaticity. it's complicated, but is achievable in principle. It depends on the understanding of the group, that the level of training of soldiers depend on many lives and themselves, including. so, necessary to form such an understanding. As in subgroups, and in the group as a whole.

Scout, throwing machine, must constantly monitor, not to fall in its sector "firing" their. Periodically, you need to submit the command "Freeze" and point out mistakes in detail. To combat shooting as a group, allow scouts, only achieving full automaticity perform all maneuvers.

But here I was already about a month since the beginning of training, We have already achieved a normal maneuver group, tolerably shooting (80-90% shots hit the target), three times went to the battle outputs (in war no one will give the possibility for a month complacent camp). Now comes the most difficult, in my opinion, learning phase.


Namely: to teach people not to shoot. My personal experience shows, it is the most difficult of all the foregoing,. Particularly important is the ability to for intelligence.

After all, what intelligence? quietly passed, We saw an object, They reported the coordinates and also quietly gone, not moving at the same time a blade of grass, It listika. The first shot - illumination groups, detachment, and possibly, and the whole plan superiors. Therefore, the need to develop a serious shooting, responsible attitude. Here we apply the principle of "do not see - do not shoot, shoot - you get ".

I do not speak, of course, the tasks of the "search and destroy". In such cases, naturally, a scout must act decisively, saucily, creative and if we have to shoot, then do it faster and more accurate enemy. But we must remember, that the intelligence - not an infantryman. He does not bring boxes of ammunition, grenades. All, that is - wearable BC, 300, maximum, 600 rounds, 6-8 Garnet. AND ALL! Refill it at the expense of the enemy - it happens more often in film and adventure literature. I personally have six different campaigns, hot spots is three times happened, not more. This despite the fact, that the various clashes well over a hundred (by transient fire contacts, to a protracted battle, rolling in melee). so, We need to spend sparingly ammunition. experience shows, that the most optimal mode of fire - single, by two shots at a time.

Of course, if you attack the dense mass of the militants shot up, it is not only possible, but also need to throwing automaton strap through any support, shoot for "machine-gun", bursts, turning the barrel left or right. In all other cases - only a single fire. And, strictly metered. You just need to make one or two hits, to reliably bring the enemy down.

ammunition (BK)

Now about the caliber. I have always preferred gauge 7,62 mm. To me, old soldier, it is unclear, 5.45 as the second can be better and more efficient 7, 62-it? I read the literature, I listened to the experts, but understand this statement is simply unable to. But, as the saying goes, taste, but on the color ...
Now about BC. we, usually, We took with him ten equipment store, i.e 300 rounds. One of them is filled with tracers, two armor-piercing incendiary, the other - the usual. Strips of electrical tape wrapped around the shops to distinguish by touch. Further 4-6 RGD or F-1, RGS and RGN in Zelenka better not to take. GP-25 - on request, 10 wog. What RGS - RGN, VOGi that are dirty ability to explode at the wrong time, hitting some twig or mote.

The 96th, leaving on a long "avtonomku", we took with a double BC. Without further ado, just increased its half.


If you are not Rambo, the PKM just to shoulder not vskinesh. And there is no need. The machine gun is worn on the belt, the butt is pressed against the side so, so that the trunk has always parallel to the ground. First, this is difficult to achieve, but then the person gets used to carry weapons that way, not otherwise. Periodically, this skill is necessary to fix the practical shooting. With a focus on the, the bullets were flying parallel to the ground. Adjustment of fire made pan and tilt housing gunner, or dropping him to his knees.
he shoots, usually, short bursts.

If you have to shoot a gun, then to avoid knock body with muscle memory, throws it, like an automaton, retaining shoulder "frame". It looks like this, as shown in his films Steven Seagal, he prikladka same for pistol and rifle.

Now a lot has been written about the tactics and technique of shooting, but the way, I have described, I like best. It does not require a large expenditure of ammunition, training takes place almost around the clock, result is achieved relatively quickly (month - this is not a term, even in war). Yes and it, month - together with tactics, and the shootings - no more than ten, fifteen days. People become more confident, and the man, self-confident, capable even in an extreme situation to assess the situation correctly and make the right decision. A shooting offhand skill remains for life.


Being on the armor, or other equipment, Charge shop with tracer bullets. The thing is, that machinery in motion and to unpredictable swings in something there, It has to burn extra ammo. the tracer, It allows you to adjust the fire - the third shot, usually, hits the target. Besides, tracer bullet has a huge psychological impact: man seems to, she flies him right between the eyes, but actually can fly and past. But that, he sees the bullet, It makes him instinctively hide. As a result of enemy fire weakens and becomes Unsighted. Besides, by tracer composition occurs septicemia, if there is a hit, of course. It's all, so to speak, a plus. The disadvantages include unmasking arrow, but because technology and so it is visible from all sides - to hide your location, sort of, there is no point. Another thing, when you leave it, you have to become invisible. Immediately - perestegnut shop and distort the bolt, throwing out the previous tracer.

For convenience, we mated shops so, to both patrons looked up. Pairing one up, another down, Not recommended: when firing from a prone position, stuffed into the lower store dirt and unavoidable delay while shooting.

You can lightly greased cartridges. Reliability weapons increases significantly. But we need more carefully monitor the cleanliness of stores - if the oil film gets dust, the failures are inevitable.

After a month and a half of fighting yesterday's boys are daring commandos. Unreal? Yet as really! I remember the confusion and panic among the "spirits", when they learned, that our group transferred to their site. Ether literally blew discord, in warning each other about our appearance.

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